How To Know What Size Air Filter To Buy for Your Home

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How To Know What Size Air Filter To Buy for Your Home

When you’re trying to improve your home’s indoor air quality, the first thing you should look at is the air filter in your HVAC system. You should maintain a consistent schedule for changing your home’s air filter for the benefit of your family members’ lung health. One factor you need to consider when changing the air filter is its size. Here are three things that will show you how to know what size air filter to buy for your home.

Locate the Label on the Filter’s Frame

Possibly the easiest method for identifying your filter’s size is removing the current one from your HVAC unit and searching the frame. Many companies print the filter’s size along the edge of the frame, making it a good starting point when you’re looking for the filter size. However, be sure to turn off your AC before you remove the filter from the system. Safety is always the biggest priority when you’re working with an HVAC unit.

You also need to know that the bolded size is often the filter’s nominal size. The nominal size is different from the actual size, so be aware of the difference when you’re examining the frame. If the exact dimensions are too difficult to locate, go ahead and measure the filter.

Measure the Dimensions of Your Air Filter

If you’re struggling to find the size on your filter’s frame, you’ll need to measure it to ensure exact dimensions. You can do this using a ruler, measuring tape, or any other device to find the proper size of the filter. After measuring the size, round the length, width, and depth to the nearest whole number. Most retailers won’t carry filters with dimensions that have decimal points, so rounding is the most convenient way to find a filter that will fit your size. If you’re still hesitant about your measurements, you can measure the filter’s air intake for a more precise calculation. This gives you a backup plan in case your initial measurements turn out to be incorrect.

Find Out How Much Air Intake Your Filter Can Manage

When the label on the frame and your filter’s measurements can’t give you a clear answer for what size filter you need to buy for your system, measure the air intake. Notate the dimensions on the inside edge of your filter’s frame with the measuring device of your choice. Unlike with the outer dimensions of your air filter, you’ll want to round down when measuring the length, width, and depth of the air filter’s interior.

You want to avoid purchasing the wrong size air filter because in every moment that you don’t have the right one, you’re breathing in lower-quality air. Understanding the different types of air filters will help you make the right choice, but measurements are also essential components. When you know what size air filter to buy for your home, this should never be a problem.

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