Everything You Need to Know About Wall Fixing

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Innovations of new technologies have made our lives easy and now we can execute many hard-working tasks without putting much effort. Fixing electronic devices like television, air conditioner, radiator, lighting fixtures and different home appliances on the wall was considered as a time consuming and hard-working tasks.

Solid wall fixings are the latest innovation that and it has made the task of fixing stuff on the wall easy for us. If you are still struggling with traditional methods, you should learn about the new wall fixing tools in the market. In this article, you will about the wall fixtures and their usages.

The Importance of Choosing Solid Fixing

Wall fixings are used for different purposes. They can be used to install home decorative stuff or heavy electronic devices. However, choosing a solid fixing tool is quite important. The wall fixing tools should have the capacity to hold the item on the wall for a long period.

You should always look for a solid fixing that can give enough support to your stuff on the walls. People often opt for chemical or adhesive fixings, but this can be a risky business especially when you are planning to install weighty stuff. Thus, make sure you have chosen solid wall fixings to install new stuff on your walls.

Different Types of Walls

Before you choose the right fixing for your walls, you have to understand what types of walls you have. This simple understanding will help you get the perfect fixing solution. Plaster is the initial layer of a wall after paint but the problem is that plaster is not suitable or reliable layer to have fixings. Thus, you have to search for the layers under the plaster. The normal plugs and the specific length of the screws are to be taken into account when you go for buying the solid wall fixing for any of your projects. If the screw head remains exposed for a long time, then make sure that you get something as the wall fixings, that are corrosion-resistant and that do not have an impact upon the overall structure of the wall.

Why You Should Prefer Mechanical Fixings over Chemical Ones

There was a time when chemical fixings were preferred by homeowners and builders, but the popularity of mechanical fixings has surpassed their demand.

You can remove them easily to replace with a new one. Solid wall fixings are excellent for both domestic and commercial uses and anyone can fix them on the walls.

Prefer Screws over Nails

Homeowners often insert nails on the wall to hang different decorative stuff like photo-frames and calendar. Here, you have to remember that nails are not reliable and you cannot consider them as a permanent solution. Nails are hammered into the walls and they do not have any anchor point to hold the walls tightly.

You cannot rely on nails you have some heavy items to hang or fix on the walls. Screws with wall plugs are the best methods to get a permanent fixing solution.

Different Types of Wall Plugs

Different types of wall plugs are available for solid wall fixings and you can choose any according to your needs. Plastic toggle anchor, universal wall plugs, hollow wall anchor, plasterboard fixing and multi-purpose wall plugs are some of the options to choose from.

Choosing the right plug is important for solid wall fixings. If you do not have any prior experience of doing such tasks, it is better to hire professionals for perfect and quick execution. Bricks, flints, and other types of non-clay materials are some of the best materials which are used to fix the solid walls as per proper requirements.

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