Top Ceiling Designing Ideas for Your Beloved Kid’s Room

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Kids’ room is the most fascinating place in any house. this is the special place in a house that reflects the interest and nature of a kid. While designing a kid’s room, what we commonly ignore is the ceiling. You can think of a great theme for the walls and  entire interior designing but what you don’t think that decorating the ceiling is also an essential feature of home designing.

Generally, kids are attracted by creative designs and vibrant colors. They always love to look at things which are enjoyable and fun-filled. When you plan to design the ceiling of your kid’s room ceiling, think of it in an organized manner. There are some wonderful decorating ideas. Want to know them? Let’s see…

How to decorate a kid’s room ceiling?

Kids have their own opinion in everything. So, you can ask your small ones what they like to see in their house. Children mostly love cartoon characters, then you can use their choicest cartoon animations in the ceiling and walls and make their room as they want it to be.

Stenciling is also a great idea of designing the ceiling of your child’s room. By creating designs with stenciling you can add some patterns to the room. Matching the ceiling color with bedcover will be really nice. Make the designs of a rising sun on the ceiling of the room using bold colors. Pairing this colorful atmosphere with white molding is just perfect for vaulted ceilings.

Matching colors of walls, ceiling and bedcovers is a wonderful thought! Why only the bedcovers? You can match the color of your kid’s ceiling with that of the curtains as well. When the color of ever item in your child’s room is in sync, everyone, especially your child will love stay in his room. you can also choose to light up the room with task lights and hanging lights.

If you want to make your child’s room quite different the standard kids’ room, then using ceiling lights and loads of colors on the ceiling and walls will be apt for you. Designing of your kid’s room and the choice of colors everything showcases your imagination and at the same time shows the liking and interest of your kid. Avoid using odd colors – this instead of making the room elegant and decorative, makes it messy and dull.

Symmetrical designs of ceiling and wall by placing lights on the ceiling is a splendid idea! Contrast colors of wall and ceiling can be an out of place choice. Light color ceiling and bold color walls look very bright. Wallpapers are much in vogue now in interior designing of a house. Using a wall paper in a themed room will ideally decorate the room of your kid.

Therefore, ideas of decorating a kid’s room are numerous. You can paint your child’s room with the shades that he likes the most so that he loves to step into his room every time. Using light colors can make the room elegant and yet stylish in every way.

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