Prepping Your Room for Painting – Invaluable Tips

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Have you decided the time has come to give the interior of your house a fresh new look? If so, paint is often the most cost-effective, easiest, fastest, and most impactful way to go about it. By choosing a fresh new color for the space, it will look completely different, and even give the illusion that you’ve got new furniture, décor, and so forth.

Of course, making the decision to paint a room or multiple rooms is the first step. Now you’ve got to ensure that you prepare the space, so you get the best results possible. Here are some tips that you’ll want to use.

Is There Currently Lead Paint in the Room?

For those who live in a home built before 1978, there is a possibility you are dealing with lead-based paint. At that time it was commonly used in residential homes, along with many other places. It was in 1978 that the government banned its use, but unfortunately, there are still many homes and buildings that have traces of it left today.

Typically, if the lead paint is still in good condition, meaning it’s intact and not peeling or chipping, it should be safe to paint right over it – which will trap the toxins under the new layer. If, however, the existing lead paint is damaged, peeling, chipped, or bubbling – this can be a dangerous situation. Removing lead paint should only be done by a professionally certified vendor with experience and training in lead paint removal.

Protect the Surfaces

Provided lead paint isn’t an issue in your home, the first step would be to protect surfaces in the room. This means using a drop cloth on the floor, countertops, cupboards, appliances, and any other place paint could splatter or spill. Make sure to use drop cloths that are heavyweight and won’t just let the paint sink right through.

Move Everything to the Center or Out of the Room

This is also a good time to be moving everything out of the room that you can – or at least moving it to the center of the room where you can cover things with drop cloths. The more careful you are about getting things out of the way and covered up, the least likely it is that you will end up with ruined items.

Remove Outlet and Plug Covers

You will also need to remove any outlet and plug covers, so as not to paint over them by mistake. Take care when removing these covers and don’t allow small children or pets near the exposed outlet.

Prepare the Walls

Now it’s time to prepare the walls by removing dirt, dust, debris. Be sure to putty and smooth over nail holes and other damage on the wall. Many people also choose to use painters tape to prepare the wall, placing it along the baseboards, doorframes, and even along the edge of the ceiling – just to ensure paint stays where it is intended to be.

By using each of these steps, you’ll be sure to get great and professional-looking results.

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