Useful Tips To Consider When Adding A Second Floor To The House

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Adding the second floor to your home could be a great idea of maximizing the space utilization, but it would also mean extra cost, structural reinforcement, robust planning and thoughtful analysis of the needs and requirements.

First of all, you need to understand that you cannot do it yourself. It is neither advisable nor feasible unless you are an architect or a designer. Here are a few beneficial tips that would empower you with adequate knowledge to help you to rise your building effortlessly.

Plan it perfectly

As the old adage says “when you fail to plan, you actually plan to fail” and this is rightly applicable here too. Involve an architect to find out the feasibility of your imagination, you might be able to perceive great structural ideas but can they be translated into reality? Only a professional can find out the answer.

After employing a designer, you cannot simply sit beside him and expect him to draw a perfect plan that fits your imagination. In fact, you have to ask a few important questions and keep on investigating about the factors like the height of the ceiling, the depth of the staircase, the outlets for natural light flow and other things that you think are important.

Structural feasibility

This is the most important aspect of the process; since you will be adding a floor on the existing building, you need to find out the strength of the foundation. Can the walls and the foundation sustain the load?

An engineer will be the right person to verify the capability and strength of the building. Sometimes they need to add plywood and steel connections to meet the code requirement especially in the zones where seismic effects are sensitive because you need to protect your home from earthquakes.


If you have a chimney, then you either omit it from the structure or build it up. And you have to decide it at this juncture whether you want to use the old fireplace or build a natural gas fireplace. You can also choose to replace the wood-burning fireplace with the new energy saving fireplace that generally runs horizontally instead of going upward which will help the mechanics while they install plumbing pipes.

Mechanical aspects

When you add a floor, you need to think about the water heaters, furnaces, HVAC system. Since these systems take space, you need to assess and revisit them to redeploy the systems properly. And it depends on the number of fixtures you already have and the number of fixtures that you want to introduce.

You can go a little creative at this point like using tankless water heaters or re-circulating pumps, you can simply choose the tank systems too and it completely depends on your budget and design idea. If you want to be environment-friendly, then go for the solar system. Well, that is optional.


The engineer needs to reassess the siding and sheathing to determine whether they need to be removed or not? The old houses generally do not have the insulation, if you have a building that is old, then you might consider installing fiberglass batts and rigid insulation; in fact, these are the greatest ways of improving energy efficiency.

Get the approval

Depending on your location and regulations of your locality, you might need to get the approval from the concerned authority. You must get the accurate draft of the plan to get the approval because the authorities might need to look at the plumbing architecture and other structural aspects to give you the permission.

Find the builder

After you get the approval from the authorities, it is time to start the construction work. But hey! Have you found the builder or the contractor who will carry out the job? You must find a registered and experienced contractor that can give you the perfect finish.
And the best way to locate the builder is through the recommendation; ask your friends and colleagues to provide the information of trustworthy builders. Make sure that you post it on the social media, you may never know; someone in your community or fraternity might know the builder.

The budget

This is the central factor that you need to look at carefully before the construction work kicks off. And the budget depends on the various factors like the quality of the materials that you want to use in the construction of the building, the builder charges, the cost of hiring tools and machines like moving floor trailers.

That is not all; you should also be looking at other additional costs like buying plumbing materials, electric wires, switches and an array of things that you might need to finish the project. You cannot just sit on the couch and make a budget; your builder and architect must get involved in the process so that you can make near perfect budget.

Yeah, this will help you to avail the loan or arrange the finances; you certainly do not want to get into a crisis in between the process; the halt in the construction process can add up to the cost eventually. Hence, ensure that you have planned accurately and arranged enough funds.

The time of the construction

Depending on your geographical location, you must decide the suitable time for the construction work to start. Too cold and too hot weather conditions can hamper the efficiency of the workers. Ensure that you chose the right weather condition for the construction.

You cannot simply let the builder work until the work gets over; it might take longer than your expectation. The perfect way is to set a deadline and work accordingly. A deadline will keep everyone on the toes that will expedite the construction work and at the end of the day; you will realize that you have saved some money too.

By following the above-stated tips and tricks, you will be able to construct and add a second floor on your building easily. Most importantly, the building will be the perfect one that will maximize space utilization, improve the curb appeal of your home and enhance the property value.

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