4 Things You Want to Perfect before Moving into a Newly Renovated Home

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A home that has recently been renovated has tremendous appeal for many buyers. After all, this may be an older home that is loaded with charm and that is located in an established neighborhood. While it is older, a renovated home has modern finishes and features. In fact, it may be in like-new condition after the renovation work is completed in some cases. While there is a lot to enjoy about moving into a newly-renovated home, there are a few important things to pay attention to before you get settled in.

Structural Engineering

Some renovations involve the removal of walls or the redesign of the home’s original layout. When this occurs, load-bearing components may unintentionally be removed, or other structural concerns may be present that are not visible to the untrained eye. Ensure that the home has been inspected by a licensed structural engineer after the renovation work was completed, or hire your own structural engineer to inspect the home.

The Plumbing System

Many renovations involve plumbing features. For example, replacing the bathtub in the master bathroom is one common aspect of a renovation that is completed. This may involve minor plumbing work, but some renovations require the removal of pipes or new pipes to be run through different areas of the home. Consider having a licensed plumber inspect the work that was completed.

The Electrical System

Just as plumbing features can be updated or relocated, the same holds true for electrical wiring, power outlets and more. In addition to this, the incorporation of new appliances, built-in electronics or even more square footage can place additional demands on the electrical system. Some homes require an updated breaker panel so that all electrical features receive as much energy as necessary to function properly. A licensed electrician should inspect the electrical system before you move in.

The Roof

During a renovation, a roof may be replaced or altered. For example, some interior changes may require the roofline to adjust. Perhaps a new addition has been constructed, and additional roofing was installed. If any roofing work was completed, a licensed roofer should inspect it to ensure that quality work was completed.

As beneficial as it may be to buy a home that has recently been renovated, you should be cautious. Avoid assuming that quality work was completed simply because the finishes look amazing. When you conduct research about the level of workmanship of the renovation efforts, you can feel more confident about moving into a gorgeous home.

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