Five Signs of a Reliable Moving Company

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Are you moving into a new home? Perhaps your business is expanding and you’re moving to a bigger office space. No matter what type of move you are considering, you want to hire a reliable company to help. Look at five signs you’ve found a reliable moving company.

A Professional Moving Staff

A professional staff is the most important sign of a reliable moving company. Among other things staff members should handle every item with care, bring along the right moving equipment, answer any questions you have about the move, park in a convenient area that doesn’t block traffic and leave your home as clean as it was when they arrived. You want to know you can trust the individuals working for the moving company. Sometimes looking for customer reviews of a company online can help you discover more about a company’s overall reputation.

The Ability to Move a Variety of Items

A reliable moving company is able to move a variety of items. So, if it’s a residential move, the company can pack and safely transport dishes, furniture, linens, bicycles, kitchen appliances and more. Alternatively, if it’s an office move, the company can transport desks, computer equipment, copiers, boxes and file cabinets. The company should have a plan for handling both delicate and heavy-duty items. You want to have peace of mind about whatever needs to travel to your new location.


It’s very important for movers to be on time. So, if they say they will be there at ten in the morning, they should be there a little before ten just to have a little wiggle room. Chances are, you’ve made a plan for moving day and punctual movers contribute to the smooth operations of the day. If movers are delayed by weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances like a flat tire, they should contact you in plenty of time so you can prepare for the delay. Not everything can be planned for, but a moving company can handle things in a courteous, responsible way.

A Variety of Services

A reliable moving company offers a variety of services. Some examples of these services include providing moving supplies, putting together furniture, loading large items and more. A reliable moving company is flexible and willing to work with you to get all of your possessions moved to another location. Ask the companies you research about all of the services they offer so you can determine if a company suits your specific needs.

Convenient Scheduling

One of the first things you do when planning a move is set the moving date. A reliable moving company has convenient scheduling, so you can set the date and start the packing process. Some companies like Calgary movers can be contacted via email to discuss the details of a move. A reliable moving company works with you to arrange for your move on the date you prefer.

Lastly, these are just five signs of a reliable moving company. Of course, there are many more. The most important thing is to find a company you feel comfortable with as well as one that goes out of its way to accommodate your needs.

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