4 Secrets to Saving Major Cash on Your Next Home Move

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Moving to a new home can be both exciting and stressful. There’s a lot to be done. Packing up and relocating your life involves a lot of expenses that tend to pile up and get out of hand. However, there are some steps you can take to save money during a move.

1. Careful Planning

A move without planning can lead to miscommunication, repacking, and missed deadlines. It’s a good idea to get the family together and define what every person’s responsibilities are, for instance each child being responsible for their own things.

Have each person come up with a checklist, plus keep a master list for yourself so that no item or task is overlooked. A mobile app for scheduling could be a useful tool in staying organized at all times.

2. Remove Clutter

Have each person go through their belongings and decide what they need in the new place. Anything that doesn’t get used, and doesn’t have special sentimental value, should be tagged as unwanted clutter. You could set aside one day for a garage sale to recoup some costs.

Alternately, you could donate the clutter to charity and maybe earn a tax deduction. Getting rid of clutter will make things faster and easier on moving day, and save you some cash by lightening the load and number of necessary trips.

3. Make an Inventory List

Without the clutter, prepare inventory lists of everything that’s going. If you’re packing things yourself, number or label boxes and keep a list of what’s in them and where they’ll go. It’s a good idea to label boxes according to what room they will go in, such as “kitchen” or “bathroom”.

For insurance purposes, items of value should be listed separately along with a fair estimate of value, or the original receipt if you have it. Visually document each item with a photo. If something is damaged or stolen in transit, this is your best bet of covering the loss. This may be a little time consuming, so you may want to just document your most valuable possessions in order to minimize potential losses.

4. Choose the Best Mover

If you add up the cost of renting a truck and paying for gas, the risks of breakage, and all the hard work, a professional mover from places such as Aussiemove International Movers SA Pty Ltd or a similar company near you may be the better option. Do your research to find a reputable mover that’s been in the business for years. Ask about discounts, insurance, and any extra services to get the best deal. Also make sure that they will be able to transport your goods to your new address, especially if you are moving out of state.

Check out some moving rates in the planning phase to get a good idea of your costs with or without professional movers. Ask yourself if an efficient and professional service might be the best use of your money.

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