4 Reasons to Consider Adding a Swimming Pool to Your Home This Spring

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Residential swimming pools have long be considered a sign of status and luxury. These amenities are often associated with high-end homes. Now, however, it’s possible to add pools to modest, mid-sized homes without having to spend a veritable fortune in the process. If you’re looking to enhance your property, following are four, solid reasons to consider adding a swimming pool to your home this spring.

Give Your Household Easy Access to One of the Best Options in Non-Impact Exercise

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for those with sore joints, delicate bones, and other issues that make high-impact activities either unsafe or undesirable. When swimming, every major muscle in the body is engaged. As such, people are able to burn significant amounts of fat and calories, while building new lean muscle mass, and toning all of their existing muscles. Swimming is perfect for aging adults who want to remain active without risking injury, those who are obese and need a gentle way to ease into their new fitness routines, and people who are recovering from sports injuries. Best of all, installing a swimming pool is a great way to get your kids off of their electronic devices and outside in the fresh air.

Create the Perfect Space for Entertaining

Whether investing in basic swimming pool designs or adding stylish, custom swimming pools to their properties, homeowners can create the perfect spaces for entertaining. Swimming pools can be used to host birthday parties, or to give your guests something to do at dinner parties, barbecues and other outdoor events. If you’ve recently added an outdoor kitchen to your backyard, having a water feature will allow you and your guests to frolic and have fun while meals slow-cook on the grill. Not only will this limit the need to pay for special venues when you want to host a get-together, but it will additionally make it easier for you to limit the amount of foot-traffic in your home when having people over.

Add Value to Your Property

In some locations, having an outdoor swimming pool isn’t going to do much for your property value. For instance, if you live in a location that’s cold and blustery more often than its hot and humid, then you probably won’t get much use from this feature. For many homeowners, however, this is a chance to increase property values by seven percent or more. During the warmest months of spring and the hottest months of summer, an outdoor pool can limit the demands being placed on your indoor cooling system by keeping everyone outside. Depending upon your location, not only is a pool great for building sweat equity, but it can also dramatically increase your home’s overall marketability.

Give Your Kids Something Fun to Do

When designing your outdoor areas and attempting to add a few, kid-friendly features in, you may be tempted to invest in an ornate, high-end play structure. A climbing apparatus that includes swings, slides, and monkey bars will definitely provide your youngsters with enjoyment. Unfortunately, the value and appeal of these often high-cost additions tend to last for a very limited amount of time.

Children will invariably outgrow physical play structures long before they outgrow swimming pools. When your kids are little, you can take them right outside to swim, rather than paying for a gym membership or constantly traveling to the beach. When they become teenagers, they’ll love having friends over to take a dip in the pool. They can also use the swimming pool to host pool parties and to structure their own, low-impact, fitness routines.

Swimming pools aren’t just for the uber-rich. There’s a vast range of eye-catching and incredibly functional designs that all homeowners can consider. With one of these water features in your backyard, you and your loved ones will have the perfect place to keep cool, get exercise, and spend time with family and friends.

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