How To Make Your In-ground Pool Look Beautiful

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As you consider an in-ground pool for your new home, keep in mind that it takes more than just putting the pool in the ground for it to look nice. As long as you’ll have the luxury of an in-ground pool, take advantage of its ability to make your backyard look elegant and inviting. Follow along as we share some tips on how to make your in-ground pool look beautiful.

Color It Beautiful

You no longer have only two choices for pool color: white or blue. Companies now offer many color choices for more creativity and elegance. Decide what vibe you’re going for and choose accordingly.

Make a Unique Patio

The patio that shares space with the pool doesn’t have to be a boring concrete slab. Make the patio as interesting as the pool itself to create a wholly welcoming backyard. Pavers, bluestone, and stamped concrete all make beautiful designs for the patio near the in-ground pool. Combining a stylish patio with a stylish pool makes your yard the place to hang out.

The Fence and Gate

The fence surrounding the pool should not only protect others from entering the area, but it should also enhance the pool and yard. As guests arrive to enjoy a day of swimming, the fence is the first thing they notice. When it’s beautiful and well taken care of, they’ll know the pool is as well.

Stain or paint a wooden fence, freshening it up as needed. Choose a nice clean white for maintenance-free fencing. Use the fence to decorate for holidays. It adds a fun touch for friends and families. Red, white, and blue bunting for the 4 of July looks beautiful, and placing balloons on every post for someone’s birthday turns the pool into a party.

To really make a statement, consider installing an arch over the fence gate and covering it in climbing vines or flowers.

Flowers and Shrubs

Pools are nice to look at on their own, but their design is elevated when the surrounding landscaping becomes its accessory. Focus on areas near the pool and seating area. Then, using flowers and shrubs, landscape the space to create an oasis of blooms and wonderful, natural aromas. Choose plants that prosper in humidity since the heat and water combination creates plenty of moisture.

Light up the Night

One of the most impressive ways to make your inground pool look beautiful is to light it up at night. Lights designed to go in the pool are perfect but don’t forget to highlight the surrounding areas at night, including the patio, landscaping, and entrance at the gate. Spotlight all your hard work around the pool.

Take a Seat

Once in a while, you just want to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere of the pool without actually getting in it. Not to mention that everyone needs a comfy place to land when taking a break from swimming. Create comfortable and welcoming sitting areas for yourself and guests.

Keep It Clean

After all your planning, designing, and work to make your in-ground pool beautiful, you’d think it’s time to relax, right? However, your hard work won’t last without proper upkeep. Regular pool cleanings, maintenance, and repairs are necessary to maintain the beauty and functionality of your pool. Schedule regular visits from a pool maintenance company to help you stay on top of things such as filter cleanings, salt and chlorine production, and repairs.

Now that we’ve covered all the ways to make your in-ground pool look beautiful, you can enjoy adding some new things and sprucing up what’s already there. And remember, what matters most is that you and your family enjoy every splash, giggle, and memory you make this summer.

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