Keep It Cool: How to Properly Maintain Your AC Unit at Home

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Everyone wants to have an air conditioner that will make indoor temperatures comfortable when the weather is hot outside. In order for an air conditioner to operate properly, it will require annual maintenance. An air conditioner will lose a certain percentage of its efficiency each year maintenance is not performed on it.

Central Air Conditioners

When a home has a central air conditioner, there are two main components that will require maintenance. Outside of a home will be the air conditioning unit’s condenser. The other part that is usually placed directly over a home’s furnace is the evaporator coil. It is accessible and will have foil insulation in from of it. The evaporator coil needs to be cleaned every year. Since the condenser is outside, it will collect dust and other debris. The intake of the condenser unit, as well as the fan, must be annually cleaned.

Window or Room Air Conditioning Units

The power cord will need to be tested to make certain it is not too worn. The unit’s condenser and evaporator coils will need to be cleaned. The switch behind the control panel needs to be cleaned and checked. A unit’s thermostat, as well as drain ports, need to be checked and cleaned. The motor, fan, and compressor also need to be checked and cleaned.

Air Conditioner Filters

This is one of the most important things involved with having an air conditioning unit work as efficient as possible. An air filter that is dirty or clogged will decrease the necessary airflow within the unit. When this happens, a clogged air filter can cause dirt to get into the evaporator coils and cause damage. When an air conditioning unit is used with clean air filters, it will decrease its energy consumption. Some filters are reusable, and others must be replaced.

Window And Door Seals

Prior to the start of using an air conditioner, the seals on a home’s windows and doors need to be checked. This is to make certain that moisture has not damaged a window or doors ability to prevent cool air from escaping. When windows and doors are not properly sealed, it can cause an air conditioner to work harder and run less efficient. This could increase energy costs and more.

When regular maintenance is performed, an air conditioning unit will provide rewards such as lower energy bills and a unit that lasts a long time. Should a person do all of the necessary maintenance and their air conditioning unit still not work properly, it is time to contact a HomeSmart From Xcel Energy professional to fix the problem. But make sure that you are doing all you can do to maintain the longevity of your unit.

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