Built to Last: 4 Key Elements Your New Home Absolutely Needs

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When we are young, many of us had dreams of what our future home would look like. Perhaps you imagined a place that was lavish with secret tunnels and passageways. Now, there is technology and additions our young minds could not have possibly conceived. Read on to discover four key elements your custom home needs to have.

Convenient Cleaning Spaces and Features

Building your own home and designing aspects of it to make cleaning easier would definitely be a bonus. Some people like doing housework and take pride in it, but most of us focus on the work part of housework. Fortunately, if you are building your own home, you can include features designed to make doing chores easier. For example, put in a central vacuum system. This will make it so that you will not have to haul around a vacuum from room to room anymore.

Designing and Building Your Own Roof

No matter where you live or what kind of weather you have to deal with, you will want to design and build a sturdy, stable roof for your future home. Many builders and roofers are recommending roof trusses over rafters. Roof trusses, such as those made by Prefab Technology, use smaller members of wood, and they are designed to provide the same strength. In addition to being as strong as rafters, roof trusses can be built without using expensive wood. A

Safe Room

A safe room is similar to a panic room from the Jodie Foster movie. The difference is that a safe room is not designed specifically for intruders, but it can be used to protect yourself against them. Safe rooms are generally built on the ground floor or underground, and they are used for a variety of things, including tornadoes—this is something that is a must if you live in an area that is prone to such events. Although some people do build their own, you can also just buy one and install it in your backyard.

Home Theater

If you are building your own house, then why not put a home theater in it? Maybe you want it just for you, your family or to entertain guests for parties. Either way, home theaters are becoming popular installations for people building their own home. You just need to dedicate a particular section of your floorplan to it and plan on having it be sound-proof, windowless, and have enough space for both seating and a giant screen area.

The four concepts above are designed to strengthen your home and indulge your imagination. They range from being practical to lavish. If you are ever able to design and build your own house, do yourself a favor and include the things above.

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