Six Simple Upgrades To Consider Before Moving In To Your New Home

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You’ve just signed the papers on a brand-new home, and you’re ready to move in. There’s no need to hurry along the moving process, however. In fact, an empty home is a perfect time to add and adjust a few key features. You don’t have to wrangle with furniture or family members milling about the property at this point. Take a few days to upgrade several items in your new home in order to make it a dream property right off of the bat.

Painting the Walls

Most homeowners don’t move out of a property with the walls in perfect condition. There will probably be nail holes and smudges from their moving process, for example. Fill those holes with caulk, and paint the walls. If you paint them a basic white hue, the fresh color will still brighten the space. You can always add accent walls in the future with little effort. Concentrate on covering all of the walls with a neutral color to start the property out-right.

Swapping Out the Flooring

An empty home is also perfect for a flooring project. Pull up the old carpet, and install a budget-friendly flooring option. You might want a durable, laminate floor or tiles. Before you tackle a flooring project, however, read over the installation instructions pertaining to your product. Some flooring is more difficult to install than others. Simply gather all of the tools that you require, and complete the project before any furniture needs to be moved indoors.

Insulating the Garage

Most garages aren’t insulated, which makes them spaces with extreme temperature swings during the various seasons. You can make the garage more comfortable while saving on energy costs by insulating it. Depending on the home’s construction, add insulation pads into the walls or spray it on. The garage door can even be insulated too. Adding insulation can be a messy process so completing it before the move-in date is preferable.

Installing New Window Treatments

You might move into the new home with wide-open windows. Many homeowners actually take their window treatments with them after escrow closes. Measure the window openings, and look for treatments that fit your personality. Blinds are low-cost options that stand the test of time. Bedrooms might benefit from blackout curtains for those who like to sleep in. Alternatively, hire a treatment professional to install those favorite window styles. Some homes have unusual window dimensions that make professional help almost mandatory.

Adding a Garage Organizer

Your new garage may have very few shelves along the wall. In fact, it might be entirely barren for storage purposes. Consider a garage organization system for the walls. Cabinets, shelves and tool holders can instantly transform a garage into a functional space. These systems come in several sizes too. Simply look up your garage’s size, and match an organizer to it. Organizing the garage only adds value to it over time, and it can keep a usually messy space looking clean.

Weather-Stripping the Doors and Windows

Keep those drafts out of the house by adding weather-stripping to the windows and doors. This small detail can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill each year. If your new home is several decades old, this weather-stripping idea will keep everyone comfortable indoors. This material also defends the home from pest infiltrations that might use tiny gaps to access the home’s interior.

If you’re unsure of how to upgrade any of these features, it’s always best to hire a professional instead. Professionals will charge you labor, but they’ll be able to finish the job in record time. This time savings can give you a chance to concentrate on even simpler upgrades, such as painting the front door, before the big moving day.

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