Asian Décor Trend in Your Home

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Home is where peace and serenity are. It is that one place where you can forget about problems and enjoy spending time with your family and friends.

However, in a fast-paced world of today, we seem to forget how to find that inner peace. Asian cultures, such as Chinese and Japanese, may give us an answer, because their cultural heritage incorporates simplicity in combination with profound sophistication.


If you happen to be moving into a new house or are thinking of renovating your current place of residence – but are not sure about the style you want to follow – you have come to the right place. Keep reading and find out how to make a mixture of Asian civilisations in all the rooms at your home, and bring their peaceful home décor to your lifestyle.


Asian décor in bedrooms assumes refined and straight lines and polished surfaces with high gloss finish. You can follow Japanese style and use shiny paper or wood in your bedroom, and decorate it with natural rocks and small plants. For example, bonsai trees can look perfect if you plant them in shiny ceramic pots.


Or, on the other hand, you can decorate your bedroom with bamboo plants which will bring the feeling of a genuine Chinese culture if you plant them into glass pots through which you can see the soil and their root systems.


Hallways are rooms through which we only pass without spending much time in them. The Asian cultures, however, found a way to make them more interesting by adding details. In fact, details are what Indian, Japanese and Chinese cultures pay special attention to because they tie the space together.


In order to make balance with the rest of your home – and announce your Asian style décor – you can introduce the element of water into your hallway and, according to Feng Shui, make it a welcoming place which brings comfort. It will make it a room with a soul, not just a room to pass through.

Living room

The good thing about Asian cultures is that they all respect minimalism and simplicity in order to achieve calmness. They accentuate functionality of modern houses and pay attention to colour and texture.

For instance, Chinese culture is famous for using red wherever possible, because it is considered royal in their culture, so you can use furniture in vibrant colours and dramatic lines and introduce pendant light via black-and-white lamps. Additionally, what every living room needs is a quality area rug at its centre, so make sure that you find an Oriental rug which will ground your space with vibrant pattern and texture.


When it comes to furniture, you can find out more on how to make your living room more relaxing in our article about cozy and contemporary living room furnishing ideas.

Be innovative and the first in your neighbourhood to decorate your home in Asian style. Remember that Asian-inspired interiors focus on simplicity and sophistication, so make sure to accentuate every room of your house with an Oriental detail, which is basically a thing that matters the most.

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