What Materials Did the Victorians Use To Build Their Homes?

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What Materials Did the Victorians Use To Build Their Homes?

The Victorian era frequently pops up when discussing historical fashion or architecture. That’s because the Victorians were classy and bold individuals with keen senses of beauty! They also lived dangerously and weren’t afraid to take risks, which clearly paid off, as evidenced by how much we admire their creations today.

Victorian architecture is known for grand, attention-grabbing constructions with classic Regency era and dark, intricate Gothic touches. If the refined yet character-filled homes of the Victorian era are to your fancy, you might wonder, “What materials did the Victorians use to build their homes?”

Read on to learn what the Victorians used to build their opulent abodes and how you can make your own home feel distinctly Victorian.

The Basics of the Victorian Home

The typical Victorian home was a two to three-story home built detached or as part of a terraced house. The homes of the poor were often small back-to-back houses made from inexpensive materials. The homes of the better off, on the other hand, were extensive family homes made in the most contemporary styles, namely Gothic Revival or Queen Anne.

Some key aesthetic characteristics of the Victorian home include steep roofs, colorful brick, stone, or wood exteriors, ornate gables, iron railing, bay windows, and imposing towers and turrets.

What Materials Did They Use?

So, what materials did the Victorians use to build their homes? Victorians constructed most homes with brick or local stone mortared with lime putty. Portland limestone, bath stone, and Permian sandstone were popular stone choices, while Oxford clay bricks dominated brick homes.

Later in the era, wood siding rose in popularity, and many of the old Victorian homes you see today feature it. On the topic of wood, many of the fine details you see on these homes—such as the corbels, columns, and onlays—are detailed woodwork.

The roofing of Victorian homes used slate or clay. Sash windows and canted bay windows were the predominant window choices and featured large panes of glass. Doors and railings often implemented iron. Homebuilders created the homes’ interior walls using plaster and lath held up by balloon framing.

How To Make Your Own Home Look Victorian

Many materials used by the Victorians hold up today, but we recommend using modern construction techniques to ensure your home is up to code! Instead of trying to recreate Victorian architecture using the exact techniques they did, you can accomplish the same feel with unique finishing touches and design tricks.

Ultimately, the best and easiest way to make your home feel like a Victorian mansion is to draw on the key characteristics mentioned above. Colorful and sturdy exteriors, ornate gables, finials and turrets, iron doors and railings, beautiful bay windows, and more will make your home look like a piece of history. Your dream life as a trendy and worldly Victorian aristocrat is only a few renovations away!

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