6 Ways to Stronger Home Security

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Are you sure your home is safe enough?

Being too relaxed with your home security actually puts you at a higher risk of having a burglar plot an evil scheme against you and your home. If he’s successful in finding your security’s weakest spot, he’ll probably take more than just your valuables. He can instill fear and even psychological trauma. Creepy, right?

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your home security stronger. Here are six of them:

1. Fortify your home

Make your home security tougher by double checking your doors and windows.  Make sure there aren’t any broken door locks and window panes. Change rusty strike plates and fix loose hinges. It can also help if you invest on Grade 1 deadbolt locks or add a second lock to your door.  Secure your door frames by adding screws and make sure you have a wooden dowel in case you have a sliding door.

2. Install a reliable security system

Finding a home security system that can meet all your needs can be hard. The right system involves getting enough sensors and security cameras to cover all your entry ways and critical spots. It should also come with a reliable notification system so you’d know right away if there’s an emergency. On top of these things, you should also make sure that the security system is able to protect you and your personal information.

3. Protect your network

Even baby monitors can be hacked and used to spy on your home. How? One simply needs to have an access to your network.

You can protect your network by changing your passwords and be sure to make them hard to access. If allowed, you can try to make your passwords 12 digits long. You can mix letters and numbers or even add symbols. As much as possible, your choices should stay away from birthdays and names. Also, make sure to change your access codes frequently.

4. Practice better habits

Your home security isn’t solely dependent on devices and tools. It also involves practicing safer habits.

For one, you can refrain from keeping a spare key under the mat or in your mailbox. You should also avoid leaving notes on your front door. If you’ll be coming home late from work, turn on the lights at your front door so burglars will think someone’s already at home. Make the effort to conceal the valuables in your garage and to remove boxes of newly bought appliances from your lawn.

5. Limit social media sharing

Taking vacations out of town can be so exciting. However, you must resist the urge to post all your plans on your social media accounts. Burglars can use the internet, too.

By saying you’ll be away from home is already a warm welcome message for burglars. It’s a known fact that burglars like unoccupied houses, right? By sharing details on how long you’ll be out and who’s coming with you gives them more confidence in targeting your home.

6. Be friends with your neighbors

Know your neighbors and be friends with them. If you’re going out for a while, it can really help if someone else could watch over your house. Who else can respond faster to your home emergencies than your neighbors?

On such instances, joining your community’s neighborhood watch program can really be vital. It creates an added layer of protection for most homes in your area. Although it’s quite an old approach, it can still be effective in making your home security stronger.

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  1. CJ Woods November 27, 2015 at 12:41 pm ·

    Cool article! Yeah, I was really looking for a “reliable home security system”. What would you recommend? (I’m on a budget).. Frontpoint or Simplisafe?

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