Why You Need Tension Tools To Pick a Lock

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When you install locks on a house, it is important to not lock yourself out, especially since it may be one of the finishing touches on your project. But, if you are in this unfortunate situation, you should be prepared with the right tools on hand. These are the reasons why you need tension tools to pick a lock on a construction site.

Provides the Leverage

A tension wrench is an essential tool in a lock pick set. When putting the picks together to undo a lock, the tension wrench applies the leverage. This force is necessary to keep the internal pins of the lock from falling and allows the lock to rotate as soon as you pass the final pin. Having a higher point of leverage reduces the distance between your pick and the lock pins.

Equips for All Situations

A tension wrench is the foundation of a lockpick set. Pin tumbler locks are the most common lock type in house doors. When you are building a home, not only will you likely use this kind of lock, but you may also have difficulty with them at some point. By having a lock pick set, you can easily get into the building if you forget your key or are opening the site alone in the early morning.

Allows for Quicker Picking

For those who have less experience with picking locks, the tension wrench helps simplify the process. Particularly in cases of emergency or when you need to get into your building quickly, tension tools help you gain access with ease. When you are building a home, it is important to have access at all times, even if you have been locked out.

Variations for All Locks

Lock pick tension tools come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a circular tension tool or a rod tension wrench, you can find the right fit for your lock. When selecting a tension tool, know whether you will need a double-ended, dual-pronged, or tulip tension wrench.

The various shapes at the end of the piece will only work with particular locks. Consult a locksmith or lock pick manufacturer to determine what kind of set you need.

Gives Peace of Mind

Tension tools, along with a quality lock pick set, can give you peace of mind. If you are stuck in a situation where you are locked in or out of the building, you can rest assured that you have the equipment to get out.

The tension wrench will help you speed the process along, so you are not left alone. Think about telling the other staff on the project that you have a lock pick set. This will come in handy often throughout the project, not just in an emergency.

Knowing why you need tension tools to pick a lock can help you get out of sticky situations in the future. Equip yourself with the right tools to complete your next project on time and without any hiccups.

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