Home Improvement: How to Prepare Your Home for Snowy Weather

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Winter is here. It is cold and wet outside. These wintery conditions can be difficult on your home if you are not properly prepared. As the winter season progresses into the cold, snowy weather, there are five tasks that you must tackle. By completing each task, everyone will stay warm and cozy after a snow storm.

Inspect the Insulation

By examining your insulation, you can save money because air leaks waste energy. Without efficient insulation, warm air will escape through the cracks. As a result, the heating unit will work harder to warm your home. This is why your energy costs will increase. So, seal all opening and cracks with caulk. For windows, use weather stripping because it is an ideal sealant for components that move.

Prepare Your Pipes

Cold moving air will harm your water pipes, so you must insulate them and keep them dry. You can use a heated reflector lamp or heater tape to protect the pipes. If you use a reflector lamp, you must check the light on cold nights to ensure that it still functions properly. If your prefer heater tape, wrap it between the insulation and the pipe to prevent freezing. If your pipes freeze, they can potentially burst which will cause more damage to your home on a costly scale.

Prep Your Attic Fan

Inspect the attic fan throughout for any obstructions. Sticks, leaves, and nests can cause major operational problems. Once the fan is clean and dry, ensure that it operates properly. Then, seal off the fan to prevent heat loss. Most hardware stores sell attic fan seals that can be installed without hiring a professional. You can achieve optimal results if you carefully follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Hire a Professional Waterproofing Technician

You should hire a waterproofing specialist because proper waterproofing prevents leaks. After snow melts, the moisture that enters the basement will generate mold and mildew. In addition, a major leak can crack and damage the foundation. According to Brothers Plumbing Ltd., waterproofing also eliminates excessive moisture that causes musty odors. When a basement is totally dry, odors will never be a concern.

Insects and pests typically build nests in moisture environments. According to pest control professionals, maintaining a dry basement is the best way to keep pests out of a home. This might help you save some money by not having to have pest control service come to your home to remove any of these unwanted pests.

On cold days, everyone will spend more hours indoors, so having quality indoor air is impartment. If your basement is damp, mold and mildew will produce pollutants, which will slowly travel upstairs. The EPA reported that 50 percent of indoor air travels from the basement. So, by keeping your basement dry, your entire home will receive fresher air.

Winter is no fun to do any kind of home repairs especially if you are the kind of person that doesn’t really like the cold weather. It can make these kind of preparations and repairs very frustrating. If you implement each of these procedures before winter, you can save money and prevent costly repairs or you might be in for a miserable season.

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