House Designing 101: 5 Traits That Will Help Your Home Stand Out

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Great house designing doesn’t mean taking a course in rocket science to get the most bangs for your buck. There are many ways your indoor and outdoor home design features can stand out when using a little imagination. Of course, there are personal standards here and everyone’s standard in home design is different. Take a gander at a few creative steps to get your designing juices flowing.

Work From the Outside In

First impressions of a home usually begin with the exterior design. Whether a home is old or new, make it stand out by keeping decorating and design selections close to the integrity of the home’s original architectural style. Always, always, always keep that fresh coat of paint on the home’s exterior clean and mildew free. People notice when a home is well-maintained and well-groomed.

Spruce Up Curb Appeal

Neighbors and potential buyers want to see your home as one they would want to live in. Begin with a clean and fresh exterior. Design gardens to complement entry ways, porches and driveways. Then add on exterior lighting, outdoor kitchen accessories and other superior statements. A good first impression is where the attraction begins.

Got Porch?

Porches are coming back. Front yard or back yard porches bring added value to a home and offer a welcoming statement. It says something like “summer barbeques happen here and you are invited!” One strong trend that I like is including an outdoor fireplace or fire pit as a main feature of the porch. It brings this campfire flavor to the porch area which looks so good for family and guests. Giving a home a sense of invitation and friendliness is an eye-catching opportunity. Porches large and small say, hello!

Contrast in the Home

There are many ways to incorporate contrast in home designing. One of the best ways to use contrast is with the main paneling and the trim of the home. Instead of vinyl siding, use more organic materials in your trim. These materials add incredible texture to the home’s appearance and can compliment the bigger spaces of the main paneling very well. Wood or stone are good options for this accent, there are so many different flavors to choose from! Focus on what will compliment your home shape and color.

Accentuate the Positive

Windows and doorways are great areas to accentuate. Larger window and door casings give surrounding spaces a strong and secure look without being too masculine. Play up casings with detail. Select double-paned windows with gorgeous accenting, filtering options and styles. Windows are the eyes of a home’s soul. What do your windows say about your home?

These are but a few of the great House Designing 101 ideas available for helping your home’s traits stand out and be noticed. These designs can help you through a renovation or add a sense of style to your new home. When you discover new homes in Murray, Utah you will be able to explore the excitingly vast horizons of what your home has to offer with just a few creative touches. A little tender loving care goes a long way to turn your personal house design into home sweet home.

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