Combining A Living And Working Space At Home

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This article looks at the ways in which you can create a space at home that works for living and relaxation, as well as for work.

Modern living spaces are changing, primarily as people get used to having smaller amounts of space in which to live. The rise of apartment living and new build homes means that our living dimensions are smaller and we are forced to be as smart as we can with our space, to maximise its potential.

Happily, furniture and interior design are keeping up with these lifestyle trends and there has been a real explosion in small space and multi purpose living in recent years, with smaller furniture items, modular items, multi-functional pieces and integrated storage and furniture all becoming key. So how can you create a living space that combines the best of both worlds, particularly if you are ‘space challenged’? A good place to start is to look at the latest furniture at work reviews to see what is hot in the world of office design and take inspiration from the most popular items.

Integrated Storage

A core concept to making small space multi-functional living work, is to ensure that you have good storage. Usually this will mean investing in integrated storage which allows you to tuck unsightly items out of the way and also store away work items when you have finished at the end of the day, so that you can transform your space back into a living area.

Look for integrated desks and modular units which offer sliding and castor doors, flexible drawers, boxes or shutting doors, or coffee and modular tables with integrated storage. Even a footstool or coffee table can offer an integrated element in which you can store magazines, books and media.

The same applies with office space. Look for storage that is on castors for easy movement, such as a storage file unit, or invest in good shelves and modular wall mounted units. Remember that wall mounting your furniture can create a greater feeling of space, by keeping the flooring free of visual encumbrances.

Creating Space

If you live and work in a small space, you will need to work harder to make it work for you. As well as integrating your storage and being exceptionally strict about the items you have on show, it helps to decorate your space in the right way. Dark and rich colours bring the walls ‘inwards’ visually and make the space smaller, however, this can create a cosy and comforting feel that some people like and benefit from when working and relaxing in their space.

The opposite end of the spectrum is to maximise the sense of space and light by using bright and light colours, reflective surfaces and the usage of tools such as mirrors. A mirror placed opposite a window for example will reflect light back into the room and create a true feeling of space and increased depth. High gloss surfaces have the same effect.

Functional Furniture

Whether you need chairs, tables, storage or accessories, take a look at the furniture at work reviews and you will see a range of feedback about customer’s favourite office items. You will see too that many of these items can be incorporated into a non-work context as well, particularly if you are combining the two.

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