A Guide to Making Your Home Better Insulated

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With the increasing emphasis on sustainability and decreasing your carbon footprint, everyone is looking for better ways in which to insulate their homes. Insulation is usually regarded as an investment because the money spent on insulation is offset by the savings made on heating the home, meaning that one is likely to offset the cost of their insulation within a matter of years. This is especially important during an era in which energy prices are rapidly increasing and taxes are being introduced on the amount of energy used around the household.

Loft Insulation

It is a well-known fact that heat rises, therefore the core of your insulation efforts should be concentrated at the top of the house. This is also where convection currents from the outside air create a large heat gradient for heat to pass quickly out of the top of the house. If you don’t already have loft insulation, this is one of the first things worth considering.

Products such as eco-wool are incredibly easy to stall, as they are just laid in-between the rafters of your loft. These can be covered with planks or floorboards if you want to use the loft for storage or as an extra living space. The ceiling of the loft or the internal rafters can also be insulated further using ThermaWrap, a simple product which can be stabled onto the internal rafters. This not only prevents heat loss by conduction through the insulating fabric, but also prevents heat loss from radiation as the product is covered in foil. Loft insulation is cost effective and easy to install.

Roof Insulation

Another important place to think about insulating is within the roof itself. It is becoming increasingly common to place a layer of insulating foil such as Multi-foil insulation underneath the roofing tiles in order to provide an extra protective layer, keeping the house warm and cosy all year round.

Wall Insulation

Walls will leak a lot of heat if not insulated properly. Cavity wall insulation can be a great way of increasing the insulation within brickwork and preventing convection currents moving around inside the brickwork. Alternatively, if you are building a wall from scratch, you can find a range of insulating foils and wools, providing a cheap and effective way to insulate the internal parts of a wall.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is expensive compared to other insulating products; however, it does come with some additional benefits. Firstly it makes your home more secure, as the windows are more difficult to breach. Secondly, it eliminates strong drafts and convection currents created as the result of a single glazed, ill-fitting window, making the room colder than it actually need be. They will also increase the value of your property.


A lot of heat from hot water is lost through the piping system. An insulating foil wrap is a great way to prevent this heat loss.

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