Winter Home Prep: 4 Ways to Protect Your Property from Winter Weather

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You may enjoy living in a Winter Wonderland when the temperatures drop, the days become shorter and the snow begins to fall, but your house doesn’t. When the natural forces are at work and fall gives way to the freezing temperatures, it can become a major threat to the structure of your home and the systems that make it complete. While it’s not possible to prepare for every possible situation, preparation is the key to prevention and the key to overcoming the threats. If you want to make it through the season without a mishap, here are four ways to winterize your home.

1. Preventing Your Pipes from Freezing

Frozen pipes are a frustrating and expensive issue that can be avoided with the proper winter prep. You may understand why your plumbing pipes that carry water to your faucets and other water appliances freeze at below zero temperatures, but not everyone understands why frozen pipes can be such a hazard. After all, when the temperatures rise and the water thaws, it is reasonable to assume the problem goes down the drain. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Water expands as it freezes and turns into a solid. Since the water requires more space for expansion, it puts pressure on the pipe that is containing it. Since there is more pressure, pipe bursts are common after periods of severe cold. To prevent the problem, you need to prep water supply lines that are in areas with no heating or insulation. Drain your pool, remove and drain hoses, close outdoor hose valves, insulate pipes in basements and other vulnerable areas, and consider investing in pipe sleeves for added protection.

2. Clear the Hazards While You Protect Exterior Home Elements

Piles of snow and moisture can be both an eye sore and a hazard to both your family and elements around your home. You should be sure to prep your shutters, be sure your siding is secure, and keep your gutters clear so that melting snow has a safe place to travel away from the home. Snow plowing, salting and snow pile removal services can be useful in removing the hazard and also in protecting your siding and drainage system from damage. By investing in Pro-Lawns snow removal in St. Louis, Missouri, or your particular area, you can avoid having to replace expensive vinyl siding that cannot withstand the pressure of building snow.

3. Eliminate the Draft and the Waste

You spend a great deal of money heating your home so that it is bearable during the freezing cold months. You may not be able to tell if you have gaps in your windows and doors that is letting the heat leave never to return. There are inexpensive ways that you can prevent heat transfer that can really make a difference in comfort level and costs. By using air sealing caulks and silicone foams on your windows and weather stripping on your doors, you will notice a difference. You can also benefit from flashing and installing high-quality insulation in areas that are prone to get colder than others.

4. Prevent the Formation of Ice Dams

Many people who do not live in areas where snow is common believe that ice dams, also called icicles, are beautiful. While they can be, they are also a sign of looming problems. Ice dams can cause roofing leaks that can lead to significant damage to your interior walls. They are formed when melting snow refreezes in gutters and then seeps into the roof. To prevent this from happening, you should ventilate your attic and insulate your attic floor so that heat does not rise and melt snow.

You buy yourself a new wardrobe for the winter and you should buy your home all of the accessories it needs as well. Prepping your home for the months to come is not only smart, it is a money-saving investment of time. Follow these tips, and you can enjoy your Winter Wonderland without putting your home at risk.

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