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some ideas for the bonus room
Make it into a child's playroom where they don't have to clean it up. They can play with their heart content; you can then shut the door to hide the mess.


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Starting a Play Room

Turning Your Bonus Room into a Play Room

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A bonus room can be one of the most functional and most versatile rooms in a home, allowing you to determine its use at any point. Bonus rooms are used as storage rooms, dens and offices, family rooms, and more. One popular use of a bonus room for families with children is a play room.

Here are a few things to consider when turning your bonus room into a child play room:

  • Space
    Children need room to play and room to grow! Leaving a large part of the room open and uncluttered is essential to a play room. Having a small table and sitting furniture off to the side in a play room is important, giving them room to sit, stand, jump, and use toys.
  • Ergonomics
    Installing carpet or a large plush rug in a play room is important. Children play on their hands and knees, not just on their feet and bottoms. Being able to play safely and comfortably is important. Preventing against slips and falls is also essential.
  • Storage
    Keeping a child play room organized is important! Providing amble storage along the walls in the form of shelving or storage benches are popular ideas. These storage solutions can also give you a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of cleaning up after playing.

Other tips include stain-resistant furniture, stackable storage bins, and durable lighting can help make a play room complete. By providing these basics for your children, this room will be a great place to play for years to come.

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Toy Boxes and Chests

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Doll Houses and Minitures

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Train Sets

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Building and Marine

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Education Games

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Other Online Toy Ideas

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