Tips for Making a Home Addition Look Seamless

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Tips for Making a Home Addition Look Seamless

Home additions can be tricky. The homeowner mostly likely has an idea in mind they want perfectly executed. Once you get the ball rolling, you might discover issues with the home that could prevent progress. Alternatively, the addition could negatively affect the structural integrity of the home. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid dealing with too many restrictions or frustration. Here are some tips for making a home addition look seamless.

Consider the Structure

Before starting anything, you need to survey the overall structure of the home. Collect the original blueprints and see how the previous contractors built the home. They will provide valuable insight, and you’ll develop a better understanding of how the building process should go.

Additionally, ask the homeowner to have the home inspected before starting the project. Problem areas like roofing, interior walls, plumbing, and electrical wiring can potentially halt the project’s progress. Once the home receives a “clean bill of health,” grab the toolbox.

Match the Exterior Lines

Matching is the name of the game. Doing a home addition without matching the current flow and structure of the home will make things look disjointed. Make everything as even as possible. It’s always better to measure ten times and cut once than measure once and cut ten times.

You might build the home addition on ground that does not match the current level. Look for ways to even out the surface so the shingles, windows, and siding look uniform. Depending on the project, you may need to re-side the entire home.

Match Interior Lines

If you match the exterior, you must also match the interior lines. Pair the moldings as close as possible. Some areas might be tight, so you’ll need to know some tricks to drywall taping. If this section has errors, you’ll see more problems down the road.

It’s all about setting a solid foundation. Strive to match the ceiling fixtures, crown moldings, and various angles inside the structure. Focus on the trim profiles and current flooring. Matching the interior does half of the job for you, so long as you measure everything properly.

Use Similar Materials

Don’t deviate too far from the current materials. Depending on the year the home was built, some materials might not be available for the addition. If that’s the case, an inspection is necessary. You need to ensure the home can withstand the new additions.

However, if you don’t face this problem, find similar materials for the add-on’s seamless look. Instead of matching flooring or roofing exactly, you’ll work smarter and not harder when you don’t need to find new ways to blend pieces. You can reuse those similar materials to save money during the project.

Following these tips for making home additions look seamless will not only increase the property’s value but will also always put a smile on the homeowner’s face.

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