The Different Styles of Fences To Install in Your Backyard

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The Different Styles of Fences To Install in Your Backyard

You want to choose a style of fencing that not only complements your home’s design but gives it the proper protection you need. Whether you’re installing a fence for your children or a pet or to protect your luxurious backyard space, you may find it confusing to decide which style of fencing to choose. There are several material options to choose from that vary in their looks, functionality, and maintenance needs. Keep reading to learn more about the different styles of fences to install in your backyard.

Wood Fence

A wood fence has a timeless look that can add character to your home. There’s a multitude of types of woods you can choose from. Some wood fencing materials to consider are cedar wood, redwood, southern pine, and Eastern red cedar. These great options have timeless appearances, but they require lots of maintenance. When wood fences receive regular treatment, they resist rot and last longer.

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing gives you the look of natural wood but contains resin or plastic mixed with pieces of wood. One of the positives of composite fencing is that it uses recyclable materials. While composite fences can be more expensive than their wood counterparts, they’ll last longer and are less likely to rot.

Ornamental Fencing

One of the most popular styles of fences to install in your backyard is ornamental metal fencing. This type of fencing is typically made of aluminum or steel and is the strongest you can choose. It also boasts a sleek and elegant design. It’s easy to install and gives you that traditional look that magnifies your home’s beauty.

Try learning more about the benefits of ornamental steel fencing to see if steel or aluminum metal could be the right decision for your new backyard fence.

PVC White Picket Fence

PVC white picket fences mimic the look of wooden fences but without the hassle. The good news is that if you need a great fence on a budget, PVC white picket fencing is an affordable option! This fence can also come in designs that make it look exceptional beside your home. It may not be as sturdy as the others, but it can be a great maintenance-free and easy-to-clean option for your backyard.

Vinyl White Picket Fence

Another easy-to-maintain fence is a vinyl white picket fence. Vinyl fences consist of similar materials that make up PVC fences. Their features are very similar. They’re popular because of their low-maintenance needs, sturdiness, and sleek appearance.

Before installing, remember the style of fence you’d like and consider how much maintenance you can carry out. Some fences only need a quick rinse every once in a while to keep them clean, but others need close attention and care. No matter which of the different styles of fence you install in your backyard, your home will be a beautiful and safe place.

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