Ways To Use Decorative Metal To Enhance Your Home

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Ways To Use Decorative Metal To Enhance Your Home

Frank Gehry’s designs for building exteriors, bridges, and concert halls have graced the covers of many architectural magazines. Clad in curving, gleaming metal, these structures become instant landmarks and tourist attractions. Did you know about these ways to use decorative metal to enhance your home?

Cabinet Fronts

Glass and wood panel kitchen cabinets have been around for a long time, but lately, designers are reviving another trend: metal cabinet inserts. Instead of transparent glass or solid wood, you can use perforated metal as cabinet inserts to add interest and texture to your kitchen while keeping the contents of your cabinets obscured and protected.


Advances in metalworking technology have made it possible to make precision cuts in sheet metal using laser cutting machines guided by computers. Designers take advantage of this capability to create metal screens with botanical or geometric designs and use them as metal screens for room dividers or in windows to create patterns of dappled sunlight. Architects employ metal screens as exterior cladding to add stunning effects on the outside of buildings.

Backsplashes and Ceilings

Metal backsplashes look fantastic, and they’re practical too. Easy to clean and durable, stainless steel metal backsplashes give kitchens a sleek, modern appearance, while copper creates a vintage look.


From plain stainless steel tubing to cast-iron wrought into spiral spindles, metal railings turn ordinary staircases into decorative design elements. Some designers employ metal screens between newel posts to make a staircase stand out. Metal spiral staircases save space while adding design interest to any home.

While metal staircases are practical and created with expanded, perforated metal to provide traction and drainage, they can also be decorative. Perforated metal landings and treads allow light to come through, brightening staircase areas that would otherwise be dim and require additional lighting.

Repurposed Corrugated Metal

The rustic look of repurposed corrugated panels suits homes that display an industrial aesthetic. They are perfect for homeowners committed to sustainability who use recycled materials throughout the home. Corrugated metal paneling gives a rustic look to living rooms, and some designers even use it for shower surrounds.

Sinks and Fixtures

Galvanized metal sinks add a ranch or farmhouse feel to a home. Copper sinks provide a warm glow in hammered designs that echo the past, or sleek, shiny surfaces that add warmth to bathrooms. Some home designers are even using copper around fireplaces as mantlepieces or panels to front brick or stone. Faucets come in a dizzying array of metal types and finishes, from antique bronze to polished brass to brushed nickel and stainless steel.


Metal roofing is energy efficient, durable, and recyclable. It comes in a variety of styles and colors. More homeowners are discovering the advantages of metal roofing now than ever before. Roofing is one of the most popular and practical ways to use decorative metal to enhance your home.

If using decorative metal accents in your home intrigues you, talk to your architect, builder, and interior designer early in the planning process so they can order materials well in advance to avoid shipping and supply chain delays.

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