How To Effectively Clean Your Final Drive

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How To Effectively Clean Your Final Drive

Ensuring your construction equipment is well maintained is important to completing any form of work. It is especially important for heavy machinery, as failure to care for these machines can lead to dangerous conditions and quick erosion. Dirt and grime produce friction that causes construction parts to accrue more wear and tear over time. This makes them less efficient overall. Finals drives are no exception to this rule. If you’re wondering how to effectively clean your final drive, continue reading.

Remove All Debris

It’s no secret that final drives can get dirty over time. Long-term use can cause caking with several dirty substances, including mud, dried cement, and dirt. Since these substances are harder than other substances, cleaning them with simple soap and water won’t do. Instead, you’ll need a pneumatic needle scaler to remove the debris. Pneumatic needle scalers use air to blast rust, mill, or old paint off metal. This first step is likely to be the most time-consuming and takes a lot of energy. After this part of the process, you’ll be home-free and can slip the final drive into the wash cabinet in the next step.

You’ll Need a Wash Cabinet

Again, you can’t hand wash a final drive. Instead, you’ll need more specialized equipment, namely a wash cabinet. Wash cabinets are rugged, heavy-duty washers that clean construction parts. Place your final drive in the wash cabinet; the parts washer will spray it with special detergent and high-pressure water. This removes any oil and grease that may have accumulated and leaves the external final drive clean and ready for disassembly. If you skip this process, the individual parts that require washing in the next step won’t be as clean. Ensure the final drive completes a full cycle in the wash cabinet.

Wash the Individual Parts

Washing the individual parts of the final drive is simple. You need to disassemble the final drive and place it in a smaller washer cabinet specifically designed for those parts. This ensures those parts are also washed appropriately. You might also want to sandblast each part to ensure the removal of any grime. After that, it’s time to reassemble your clean final drive.

Start Repairs

Once the parts are clean, you may notice signs of damage that you didn’t see before. This isn’t uncommon, as this equipment is typically used to lift heavy materials, which can lead to wear and tear over time. Part of the cleaning process may also involve sending the machine in for repairs; now that the final drive is clean, the repair shop would be better able to provide their services.

In short, this is how to effectively clean your final drive. It’s not a long process, and you’ll find that your machinery is more efficient and safer to use. It’ll be back in shape in no time! A clean machine gets the job done much quicker.

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