Safety Tips for Designing a Child-Friendly Deck

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Safety Tips for Designing a Child-Friendly Deck

Your home’s outdoor space is just as important as its interior. One way to improve your backyard is by installing a deck or patio. These structures are perfect for spending time outdoors while boosting your home’s resale value.

However, adding an outdoor structure may come with some risks if you have children. You’ll need to keep their well-being in mind during the planning phase to mitigate any hazards. If you’re a homeowner looking to spruce up your backyard, here are some safety tips for designing a child-friendly deck.

Choose Nonsplintering Material

Contractors commonly use two types of deck materials: wood decking and composite decking. While wood might create a more rustic aesthetic, it’s not always the best option for households with children. Wood patios can split and sustain damage, increasing the risk of splintering. On the other hand, composite decks are more durable and have antisplintering properties that protect kids and adults alike from splinter injuries.

Provide Adequate Shade

Providing adequate shade is vital to keeping children cool while on your deck. Children are sensitive to the elements and can fall ill easily under the right conditions. Adding umbrellas and covered seating is a simple way to provide coverage without breaking the bank. You can take this one step further by installing an awning or pergola for maximum protection from the sun.

Address Slipping Hazards

It’s no secret that kids like to run around and play outdoors. If your deck doesn’t address slipping hazards, you could be creating a dangerous environment where your children can sustain injuries. Improve traction on your patio with antislip mats to decrease their chances of falling. Incorporating nonskid materials and removing moisture will help protect your children while improving your deck’s conditions.

Guard Your Steps

You might think that using antislip materials is enough to design a child-friendly deck. The truth is that they are still at risk of taking a tumble down unprotected stairs and walkways. Install secure gates in front of every staircase, no matter how small. These structures will provide a barrier between small children and conditions that could present a devastating safety issue.

Keep Things Bright

Lighting is one of the most important safety elements you can include on your deck. Patio lighting doesn’t only create ambiance; it lights up your space and exposes potentially dangerous situations. Keep things bright by incorporating adequate lighting fixtures into various areas in your backyard. You have several options, including overhead lighting, post cap fixtures, and under rail lighting, among many others.

Protect With Railing

Lights shouldn’t be the only form of protection on your patio. Choose the best deck railing that relieves potential safety problems while matching your home’s aesthetic. You’ll need to install railing material around the perimeter to keep children from falling off the edge. Make sure to include handrails on staircases as well so that everyone feels more secure navigating your backyard deck.

Be sure to communicate your concerns with your contractor so that they can build you a deck that meets all your needs. You don’t have to sacrifice style or functionality to keep children safe on your patio. With a little bit of forethought, you can design a protected deck that makes everyone feel secure.

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