Tips for Finding the Right Brush-Cutter for Your Skid Steer

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Tips for Finding the Right Brush-Cutter for Your Skid Steer

When you’re first starting the process of building a home, the chances are good that you’ll need to clear some land first. Large, open properties often sit for several years before they hit the market. This not only leaves them in a potential state of disrepair but also leaves you with more to do before you can break ground. The brush-cutter skid steer attachment is a wonderful option for improving efficiency during this task. Use our tips for finding the right brush-cutter for your skid steer equipment.

Know Your Operational Needs

Before you can comfortably purchase any piece of larger machinery, including an attachment, you need to have a solid understanding of your needs for that device. Maybe you’re looking to simply clear out all the underbrush, or perhaps a couple small trees are in your way as well. Knowing exactly what you need to accomplish on your property is vital to picking out a brush-cutter that can make that happen. So make sure you take some time to assess the property and its condition before you proceed.

Understand Skid Steer Size and Flow Rate

It’s also important that you get to know the skid steer to which you’re going to attach your brush-cutter. Just as there are several different types of skid steers—or mini excavators—there are also a myriad of brush-cutter models to match. Understanding the size and flow rate of your skid steer is the key to narrowing down your options and finding something fully compatible. The skid steer’s size refers to its overall dimensions, while its flow rate is how much hydraulic flow—and therefore power—it can provide to its attachment.

Consider Open and Closed Models

There are different types of brush-cutters to consider as well, such as open- and closed-face models. When you’re comparing open-front and closed-front brush-cutters, it’s plain to see they have some variations. Open varieties have a large push bar that fells small trees and forces large debris into the cutting chamber, while closed models cut brush in harder-to-reach spaces. Make sure you carefully consider both before committing to buying your skid steer brush-cutter attachment.

Look for a Cutter With the Right Dimensions

Another crucial tip for finding the right brush-cutter for your skid steer is to get one that’s the right size. The last thing you want is to spend all your time researching only to get an attachment that’s too large for your skid steer to work with. This is a particularly high risk for people who own mini excavators, as they’re specially designed to be small and compact. Naturally, these have smaller dimensions, and finding the quality cutter to match is vital to your success.

In utilizing these tips, you can find the perfect skid steer brush-cutter to meet your application needs and machine capabilities. This ensures not only that you’re getting the most use out of the product but also that you’re maximizing your efficiency on the job.

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