Innovative Ways To Repurpose an Old Pool

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Innovative Ways To Repurpose an Old Pool

If you’re getting rid of an old swimming pool, you might think your only option is filling in the spot where the pool used to be. However, there are other ways you can use the area where your swimming pool once sat. If you want to change your landscape, start by reading our guide on innovative ways to repurpose an old pool.

Build a Deck

After you’ve drained, demolished, and successfully removed your pool, it’s time to think about how you want to reuse the space. Adding a deck is one option. A deck can make the yard feel larger and make it easy to entertain guests during parties.

Adding a deck can also increase your property’s value. Make the deck unique by adding potted plants and shady trees to keep the area cool during the summer. You can even build an outdoor kitchen area for preparing small snacks, grilling, or making pizzas. Here are a few more things to consider before building your deck:

  • Surface area of the space
  • Your pool’s shape
  • Cost of extra features
  • Materials you’ll need for building

Plant a Backyard Garden

Planting a garden makes a home appear even more beautiful than it already is. The best way to remake your yard is by starting a backyard garden.

Building a backyard garden in place of your swimming pool is a perfect choice, whether you want to grow flowers or this season’s best vegetable or fruit.

How To Build Your Garden

For the backyard garden to come to fruition, you first need to place some draining holes toward the pool’s bottom. After you add the holes and the pool fully drains, add soil to the pool with a shovel or other tools.

The only downside to a backyard garden is that the dirt can sink if not adequately placed. So, to help compact the area, ensure that you have enough soil added in so your plants don’t end up sinking. When planting a garden, you should also consider the climate you live in, how much space you want between plots, and how you’ll protect against wild animals.

Sunken Patio

Popular in many major cities, sunken patios allow the ground to work with your home rather than against it. In other words, an open deck adds more space for relaxation and entertainment. It also acts as a perfect second living room. When constructing a sunken patio, consider how you’ll excavate your old pool, the supplies you’ll need, and how you’ll maintain the patio in the future.

Studio Apartment

If you have additional space that you’d like to renovate into separate housing, then building a detached studio apartment might be the best idea. Having a detached studio allows family members to have a space to call their own that’s not too far from home.

A detached studio apartment can help high school students in your home learn to live on their own and be independent. Here are a few things to consider before constructing your new studio apartment:

  • Your customization options
  • Budget for the project
  • What materials you’ll need
  • How you’ll excavate the land

While combing through the innovative ways to repurpose an old pool, you likely have a few other ideas spring to mind. So, as you remove your pool, try to imagine new ways to renovate the space where your swimming pool once sat.

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