Five Common Myths About Modular Homes You Need to Know

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Five Common Myths About Modular Homes You Need to Know

Many Americans experience life in condos, townhomes, or apartments before purchasing their first single-family homes. Therefore, many of these same people aren’t very familiar with modular houses, often conflating these types of homes with mobile homes or trailers. This misconception is among the many common myths about modular homes that often drive people away from purchasing one for themselves.

They’re Only Mobile

A modular home is simply built with a different process than a traditional home. The materials are created off site and then assembled on a plot of land or property. That factor alone is one huge difference between standard homes and modular ones. Basically, modular homes are only “mobile” in that the parts are transported to the construction site—once the structure is built, it’s there to stay. So while modular houses are easy to move if you eventually want to change locations, they don’t come with wheels like trailers and mobile homes do.

They’re Made with Low-Quality Materials

A reputable modular home manufacturer uses only the best building materials for this type of abode. In addition, the customizability of modular homes allows for upgrades on certain design aspects, including the quality of the materials. The lower price point for many modular homes stems from the manner in which the homes are built, not what they’re made with.

They’re Visually Unappealing

People often think modular homes are the same as domiciles, so they believe the former are unappealing compared to traditional living structures. In truth, modular buildings are nearly indistinguishable from any other house in the neighborhood. Because of the flexible manufacturing method, modular homes offer many stylistic choices for homeowners to pick from before the construction process. You can select stunning architectural designs that fit your preferences or the neighborhood.

They’re Too Small

Modular homes come in all shapes and sizes, built to fit your property’s needs. The only limitation for the size of these structures is the available land they occupy. Most manufacturers offer modular homes with multiple floors, adequate storage space, and even garages. The possibilities are endless and often limited only by the budget and imagination of the homebuyer.

They’re Only for Low-Income Families

It’s true that modular homes are excellent options for low-income individuals and families, but they’re also great investments for potential homeowners. A manufactured house offers room for future upgrades that will raise the property’s overall value. Additionally, modular homes are less likely to suffer from an unsteady housing market. Financially sound families can purchase modular homes at lower prices and save the extra cash for other responsibilities.

These common myths about modular homes often cause young homeowners to shy away from these cost-effective alternative housing situations. However, there’s nearly no dip in quality from a traditional house to a manufactured home, and the construction process allows for better flexibility when you’re designing your dream abode.

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