Alternatives to Moving to a One-Floor Home as You Get Older

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A home with several floors offers greater separation between sleeping quarters and other parts of the house where other activities are performed. However, climbing stairs may become a problem as you get older. Physical limitations due to aging can make climbing the stairs to other levels of your home a safety hazard. If you are considering moving to a one-floor home to make mobility easier, be aware that other options are available that can serve you as well, without the inconvenience and expense of moving.

Convert A Downstairs Room Into A Bedroom

Most multi-floor homes have the master bedroom on the top floor, which may be a concern if stairs are difficult to walk up and down each day. Luckily, many homes have ground-floor dining rooms, dens, or offices that can be easily converted into a bedroom. Generally, these rooms only need minimal redesigning to be useful sleeping quarters. However, you may need to have another bathroom installed, or expand the current bathroom, to make your new ground floor accommodations fully usable.

Put An Addition on the Ground Floor

If your ground floor plan doesn’t offer the option of converting a current room for sleeping, you might consider adding a small addition. Of course, the ability to build on in this way means you will need sufficient lot size for the addition. A reputable contractor can help you determine if such an addition is feasible for your needs. If a small lot size is a problem, you can consider converting your garage into a ground-floor living space.

Install Stair Lifts For Convenience

A stair lift is a motorized chair that is attached to a track along the wall of a staircase. Stair lifts offer a convenient way to use upstairs living space without the exertion and hazards of physically climbing the stairs. The individual simply sits in the chair and starts the mechanism, which lifts the chair on the track to the upper level of the home. Stairlifts are generally a very cost-effective way to “convert” living space to assist individuals with limited mobility. Installation is fairly simple and can be done without the excessive mess of a full remodeling project.

Mobility problems are common in older individuals, and you may find that climbing the stairs in your home has become inconvenient or hazardous. Moving to a one-level home is one choice, but you may not wish to leave your familiar home or your familiar neighborhood. You don’t have to move to accommodate your changing needs. By redesigning your home with one of these options, you can stay in your current location for many years.

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