5 Steps To Take To Winterize Your Outdoor Deck

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5 Steps To Take To Winterize Your Outdoor Deck

Depending on the winters in your area, the weather probably brings harsh temperatures and conditions. Thankfully, there’s plenty of time during the fall months to prepare your decking for the weather. Create a plan of action and expect to initiate your prep work before winter sets in.

Remove Any Debris

One of the most manageable steps to take to winterize your outdoor deck is to clear any debris you notice on it. A quick sweep of all the grime that’s been building on it will remove the possibility of rot developing underneath layers of ice and water. There are usually a few piles of leaves and tree crumbs that collect in the corners. So pay special attention to those areas.

Trim All the Overhanging Branches

Snow and ice accumulating on branches make them considerably heavy. In turn, those branches pose a risk of breaking. When you trim them and keep them away from the deck and the house, you decrease the chances that they’ll cause any damage. You can assess the situation after the leaves have fallen and then begin trimming before the first snowfall of the year.

Perform Power Washing

After you’ve thoroughly swept the surface clean of any lingering debris, consider giving your deck a good rinse with a power washer. This way, when the cold season ends, the deck will be good to go for spring. You’ll be able to begin using it immediately because it’ll be clean and tidy. Power washing is also an opportunity to treat or remove any mildew that could lead to weak spots and rot after a rough season.

Secure the Guardrails

You may question why you need to do something like this and how it relates to winter. Of all the steps to take to winterize your outdoor deck, securing the guardrail is the one that people most overlook. But if your deck experiences continued use, you want to ensure it is stable and secure. In your assessment, you may find it best to overhaul your railing with cable. This can give it a nice look and make it sturdier.

Waterproof the Deck

If you have a vinyl or composite deck material, you could consider skipping this step. However, waterproofing the deck is necessary for those with wood decks. If you’re struggling to remember the last time you stained or treated your deck, then it’s time to do so again. Carrying this out before harsh conditions will protect the grain from splits or weakening.

Everybody loves to sit around the patio furniture in the warm months, but only if the deck feels and looks safe. No one can relax if the structure they’re standing and sitting on seems unstable. Taking the time to prep it for the cold season ensures that it’ll remain enjoyable for everyone to use over time. Remember that a few minor adjustments now could save you from several huge inconveniences later.

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