Essential Tools for the Roofing Industry

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For most people, simply having a roof over their heads is enough. Is it, though? Taking a roof’s status for granted allows it to fall into disrepair, sometimes even jeopardizing its safety. That’s where roofing professionals come in. Roofers not only build but maintain these important structures. If you see an opportunity to expand your home-building into specialized roofing work, make sure you have these essential tools for the roofing industry on hand—because you’ll need a lot more than a ladder.

Cold Saws

No, not coleslaw—though that’s essential for picnics. A cold saw is one whose construction allows it to safely divert the heat that sawing generates, sometimes with the aid of a coolant system. This makes it ideal for metal roofing, which bears a special coating that a normal saw would melt, denature, or otherwise compromise. With more and more households choosing metallic roofing instead of traditional shingles, one of a cold saw’s many uses is to do the cutting necessary to make sure metal roofing panels fit perfectly.

Nail Guns and Air Compressors

For structures that do use shingles, workers need nail guns to secure them. While you can get by with a specialized roofing hammer, and some areas of a job may require it, a nail gun saves valuable time and energy across most of the surface. In order to power your nail gun, you’ll need an air compressor on site to give nails the pneumatic punch they need. But be sure that you or anyone operating a nail gun can do so safely—you don’t want any mishaps involving your fingers!

Scoop Shovels

Where does old roofing material go when new material takes its place? A dumpster or some other waste receptacle, but on its way there, an extra-wide and extra-deep shovel will help collect roof waste for easy disposal. Think of it as a snow shovel for roofers.

Magnetic Nail Sweeper

As you’re scooping up and disposing of old shingles and nails, you can’t guarantee that all your refuse ends up exactly where it’s supposed to go. Nails are small and pointy—and they’re dangerous to roofers and homeowners alike if they wind up under one’s foot. Safety is key in the roofing business, and this means making some investments in equipment. Using a magnetic sweeper to find any loose nails from old shingles keeps your jobsite safe during and after the job.

Snips and Shears

Better known as “tin snips,” these metalworking shears aren’t made of tin, nor are they limited to cutting it. Rather, these effective handheld cutting tools handle precise modifications to gutters, eaves, and other metallic aspects of a roof. Cutting these parts down to just the right size makes tins snips among the most essential tools for the roofing industry. Each and every house is different—and that means getting the perfect fit each time is different, too.

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