Unique Ideas for Your Staircase

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A home with a staircase is a wonderful thing. Staircases allow for extra space and more room for incorporating style into your home. A staircase can be a focal point in your home if you make it bold. Check out these unique ideas for your staircase to make it striking and exciting.

Make the stairs a built-in bookshelf

This is a unique idea that makes your home look antique and classy. Making the side of your stairs into a built-in bookcase can be a fairly simple project for avid DIYers that adds utility and style. It’s perfect for the book lover who wants to display their favorite works while adding more storage space.

A staircase can be much more than just a staircase, and building in a bookshelf is a great way to display this fact. The shelf can be a unique shape to match and complement the shape and curvature of the staircase. You can also build it into the wall the stairs attach to for a walking staircase bookshelf. It is wise to do one or the other, as built-in bookshelves in both places can start to make your staircase area feel cluttered and cramped.

Tile the fronts of the stairs

While tiling the tops of your stairs may not be super practical, consider putting some attractive, patterned porcelain tiles on the front parts of the stairs. It gives your staircase a modern pop of color that adds to the natural ambiance of the room without stealing focus. Tiles are easy to install and, even better, easy to clean.

This is a fun and unique way to let the home’s personality shine through without overpowering the room. This look is especially attractive when the tops of the stairs are a dark wood color. Try to pick a grout that is close in color to either the tiles or the wood on top of the stairs to tie the two different flooring styles together. This will make the design look seamless and stylish.

Make your railing unique

A unique railing, rather than the builders’ railing, can be a great addition to your home. A unique railing makes even the most mundane staircase feel like a grand entryway to a new section of the home. If you have wooden stairs, consider ripping out the old wooden railing and installing a cast-iron one with fun designs.

This is a modern touch with a subtle renaissance feel to it. If you have a carpeted staircase, consider adding a wooden or modern steel railing for a bit of a contemporary twist. No matter the railing choice, make sure to have it installed correctly, as railings are crucial to staircase safety.

There are tons of unique ideas for your staircase that will make it pop and add to the aesthetics of your home. Experiment and look up images to compare and decide on what you want. Most of these projects are easy to do for experienced DIYers.

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