Common Metal Roof Installation Mistakes

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Homeowners have a lot to consider when they’re building a home. On the seemingly endless checklist is choosing the right roof for the home. Metal roofing is a prevalent type of roofing because of its many environmental benefits and long lifespan. However, incorrectly installing a metal roof can hinder those benefits. That’s why homeowners considering metal roofs need to be aware of some of the common metal roof installation mistakes.

Poor Fastener Installation

Improperly screwing in the fasteners can lead to a bevy of issues, such as leaks and rust. Common mistakes include installing them in the wrong position, too tightly, or not tightly enough. Drilling in fasteners using the right pressure and positioning is critical to your metal roof’s longevity.

Incorrect Sealant Use

Incorrect sealant use can a lead to leaks and rust in the roofing. Applying sealant is important for preventing water and debris from entering a home through the roof. Homeowners need to know what kind of sealant to use on their metal roofs, because the wrong kind will render the metal roof helpless against incoming debris. Additionally, it’s very important not to apply too much sealant. An exposed sealant will disengage over a period of time and lead to leaks in the roof.

Homeowners must also remember that sealant isn’t a cure-all for any punctures or openings in a metal roof. It’s mainly important for installing the metal roof panels properly.

Ineffective Lapping Techniques

Placing metal roofing panels on a home isn’t as easy as grabbing the first piece you see and laying it down. Homeowners installing panels themselves must do so using the correct techniques. When you’re placing panels, the larger lip must be the first one to go down, and the shorter lip should be visible. Following this technique will ensure the overall integrity of the roof.

Wrong Pitch Measurements

The pitch of a home’s roof is the measurement of its steepness. Before you install the metal panels, you must take measurements to determine which panels you should use on your rooftop. Applying panels that are too large or too small will negate the typical benefits of metal roofs. The metal panels can do their work correctly only if they’re the right size.

Now that you know some of the most common metal roof installation mistakes, you can avoid running into them when installing metal roofing on your house. With the correct installation methods, you can experience the bevy of benefits that a metal roof provides. Thankfully, metal roof installation isn’t something you have to do on your own. There are many local metal roofing experts in towns across the U.S., so finding the right installation experts for the job isn’t difficult. They can you install your roof with ease.

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