2020 Interior Design Trends for Home Builders

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As the start to what could be a game-changing decade, 2020 is bound to have a lot in store for us. This isn’t just the case for headlines and fashion tastes. Just as we transition into a new period of history, so too will we change the ways we design our homes. If you’re looking to build a home for yourself this year, you should consider these 2020 interior design trends before you start.

Updated Rustic Chic

While the classic farmhouse look is on its way out this year, it’s important to note that not all rustic appeal is outdated. In fact, many homeowners want to update the country style without compromising the heart of what made it feel warm and inviting. In 2020 we can expect to see incorporations of various mixed patterns both new and antique in nature. While these designs can still have classic appeals to the outdoors, they’ll be more subtle among the modern architecture.

Archways and Curved Furniture

As far as interior architecture goes, 2020 seems to be the year for archways and various curved surfaces. This is because these designs often get associated with smoothness, cleanliness, and can display intricate detailing throughout the home. If you don’t want to build these curves into the home’s base architecture, however, you can also incorporate them in the form of furniture. Overall, adding archways to your home offers a great way to showcase its customizability and your personal tastes and style.

Deep, Bold Colors

Though neutrals have been wonderful in the past for their ability to compliment multiple looks and styles, they don’t have much impact on their own. As such, homeowners recently started taking more to bold colors that convey atmosphere and personality. In fact, the official 2020 color of the year is even one of these rich hues. When incorporating them into your home, remember that, since these colors stand out so much, you’ll need to often adjust your room to accommodate it.

Sustainable Materials

2020 is also set up to be the year of sustainable furniture items. With our growing desire to preserve as many recourses as we can, homeowners started incorporating furniture made with recycled materials into their design. Transformed and repurposed, these items offer a touch of eco-friendliness to your home with just as much style.

Indoor Plants and Gardens

In addition to the increase in household sustainability, homeowners are also putting more of an effort into introducing real plant life into their interior design. While their fake counterparts were easier to maintain, real foliage offers a fresher look, smell, and overall feel to their immediate areas. This makes a home seem more welcoming to guests and puts the residents more in touch with nature.

Multi-Purpose Stations

From hide-away tables and chairs to cozy reading nooks, it’s also becoming common to see one or two multi-purpose areas in the average home. These spaces boast a careful design that caters to two different activities in an effective way, making it easier for the homeowners to save space while still accomplishing tasks. Though these stations take a bit of effort to plan and build, they’re usually well worth it in smaller homes with less usable space.

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