Must Have Traits for Every Lineman

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The day in the life of a lineman is something that only those working in the field could truly understand. Not only do they need to be in peak performing condition, but they also need to have a solid knowledge of their field. Therefore, they often undergo intense training in how to handle various hazards and working conditions. However, linemen also need to have a few basic personal attributes in order to succeed at the job. These are only some of those must-have traits for every lineman.

Prefers Working with Their Hands

If someone’s going to take on a job in a trade, it’s crucial that they can both learn and work with their hands. Through a lineman apprenticeship, these skills are tested by completing extensive, repeated, and demanding physical tasks. Because training involves more activity than studying, this helps young linemen develop their muscle memory and gets them used to the job significantly quicker.

Doesn’t Mind Heights

In order to properly service electrical lines, a lineman must be able to climb high enough to reach the electrical box. While these heights aren’t as staggering as that of tower climber positions, a lineman still needs to feel at ease being about 100 feet off the ground. Each worker will spend most of their day at these heights and will need to be comfortable using tools while being suspended in this way.

Possesses Peak Mental and Physical Health

Physical prowess is key to every lineman position as they’ll need to perform a variety of strenuous tasks. From climbing the electrical pole itself, to working on the electrical box, the entire job requires optimal strength and dexterity. Mental health also plays a crucial role in the position. Handling live electrical wires makes stress commonplace when on the job, and linemen need to be able to work in spite of it.

Works Well with Others

There’s often a sense of camaraderie among linemen. When the weather conditions are harsh or if someone is in need, these are the people who will come to the rescue. Working together and looking out for one another is an essential part ensuring everyone’s safety. As such, every new recruit needs to be willing to work as part of a team rather than as a solo unit.

Hard Working and Dedicated Personality

Because the job is so demanding on individuals, any successful lineman will need to be willing to dedicate themselves to the work. They need to be hardworking as well as passionate about what they do. The more invested a person is in their work, the less likely it is that they’ll make a mistake or take unnecessary risks. After all, there’s no room for slacking on the tower, and even less space for error.

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