What You Need to Know About Exterior Home Renovations During Winter

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Even though summer is often considered to be the busy season for home renovations, there might be a handful of projects that you want to get done once the weather starts to cool off. During the frigid winter months, you will need to plan ahead and be ready for some common setbacks if you want your exterior renovations to get completed in a timely manner.

Carefully Consider Your Projects

Quite a few major renovations can be carried out during the winter, but some renovations might become very difficult if there are heavy storms and freezing temperatures. As a general rule, exterior renovations should take place when the weather is relatively moderate. That includes replacing the roof, installing new siding, and upgrading the windows. Exterior painting is another popular renovation that many people want to complete during the cool winter months, but you must make sure that there won’t be any rain for at least a few days. Not only does the weather end up inhibiting the work, it can pose a safety hazard to you as you try to work on ladders or with power tools in the wet climate.

Plan for Delays

It is an unfortunate fact that you are probably going to experience delays during most home renovations. If snowstorms and freezing temperatures are in the forecast, then you should expect delays of at least a few days. Some contractors won’t even offer guaranteed completion dates during the off-season because they are worried about breaking their contracts. Giving yourself a cushion of a few days will lower your stress levels and allow you to focus on the quality of your work. Plan to take your time and work around the confines of the weather.

Streamline with the Right Machinery

With the proper machinery, your winter renovations are going to be much smoother. While that machinery will cost you a little extra initially, it could save you quite a bit of time and money in the long run. For outdoor work, you will probably need to take a look at 4 in 1 buckets that can quickly excavate earth and move debris. You might also want to hire a debris removal company or rent trash bins for all of the leftover waste.

Ask for Off-Season Discounts

One reason why many homeowners renovate during the off-season is because the discounts can be very large. Many companies experience huge lulls when the weather cools off, and they will often drop their prices in order to entice new clients. Before you start any type of project, you should always ask the contractors if they offer any off-season discounts.

If you are going to be hiring any contractors for your home renovations, then you should try to contact them as early on as possible. Some contractors cut back on their hours during the coldest months of the year, and their schedules could fill up if you don’t hire them a few weeks in advance.

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