Your Guide to Building a Home That Will Last

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building home that will last

It’s a common perception that older homes are built better than new construction, and it’s often true. Construction from decades ago focused more on craftsmanship and high-quality materials than today’s methods, which are largely based on prefabricated pieces. However, a new home can be just as well-constructed and last just as long with a little know-how. Read on to learn how you can build a new home that will last the ages.

Choose a Good Location

You already know that location is everything in real estate, but did you know that building your new home in the wrong spot can shorten its lifespan? A home near a flood plain or built on top of land prone to mudslides or sinkholes can make your investment disappear in the blink of an eye. Frequent erosion, earthquakes and storms can also contribute to your home wearing out more quickly.

Use Quality Materials

A big reason that homes of yesteryear have stood the test of time so well is the quality of the materials that were used to build them. Timber framing takes more time to build, but holds up much better than the typical stick-built home. Cover that frame with gyprock plastering, which is resistant to fire damage and reduces sound transfer. When it comes to exterior materials, you can’t go wrong with brick or stone, which last decades with little or no maintenance.

Put a Roof Over Your Head

Your home’s roof protects everything inside from the elements, so putting up a high-quality roof is essential to building a home that lasts. Although cheap shingles might give you only ten or fifteen years of use, quality shingles can hold up for fifty years or more. Look for shingles that include a long warranty. Metal roofing is another option that is both affordable and durable but less aesthetically pleasing than traditional shingled roofs.

Build a Solid Foundation

You can’t expect your home to last a long time if the foundation isn’t sturdy. Cracked and shifting foundations are difficult to repair and can make a home unsafe to inhabit. Make sure your foundation is built properly on a solid concrete slab, basement, crawlspace or piers.

If you want your home to last many years, the work doesn’t stop once it’s built. Don’t forget to keep up with regular maintenance to keep your home in good shape. Little things like keeping gutters clear and replacing worn shingles add up over time to keep your home standing strong.

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