Natural ways to get rid of pests before starting your renovation project

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Pests are problems that should not be taken lightly. They can seriously affect the structural integrity of your home and the health of its inhabitants. Termites and mice are particularly dangerous and they can wreak havoc on a home when left unchecked.

Whether they’re the main reason for renovations or just a hindrance that might make them more of a hassle, they need to be taken care of pronto.

Seal cracks and gaps

Pests and rodents rarely use the front door to gain access to your home. Instead, they probably find their way through various cracks and gaps in the walls. Walls go through their own wear and tear and it’s not uncommon for the occasional break to occur in the bricks or cement. Finding these weak points might require a thorough inspection of the home and its walls, but when you seal them pests will stay out.

With the use of an appropriate sealant, you can remedy these issues rather easily. Make sure that your renovation project doesn’t introduce new weak points in your home and that the renovators take care when handling external and internal walls.

Block off the vents

Exhaust vents and chimneys serve an essential function in your home. They let air circulate freely and they help remove any dangerous fumes and smoke. Unfortunately, they are also an entry point for various kinds of pests.

You can’t seal the vents or block them off completely because that would defeat the point of having them, while also posing a danger to your health. Instead, you can install a thick sheet of cloth to cover them and prevent any unwanted pest intruders. If it’s at least a quarter of an inch thick, pests will have a very hard time going through it, while air will still circulate normally.

Deal with old piping

Pipes are another way for pests to make their way inside of your home, but they’re a lot more difficult to handle on your own. Even if your house is brand new, chances are there are some blocked-off and hidden pipes that you can’t reach. These become a hotbed for insects and they are often infested with them.

A plumber should be contacted before major renovations take place. Let them get rid of the pipes that aren’t properly sealed or covered up before other construction projects are started. This will make it a lot harder for pests to gain a foothold in your home.

Consult professionals

Renovations can take quite a toll on your home and they often leave it especially vulnerable to pests. Because of this, you might not be able to handle an infestation of termites or mice while the renovations are still ongoing. Doors and windows are going to be open for long periods of time and this will enable the pests to enter your home.

If dealing with this becomes problematic, you should consult professionals who can help you take care of the pest problem before, during, and after the renovation project. A lot of companies like Lian Building Group also inspect your home while taking care of pests, which is very convenient if you’re preparing for renovations. Their knowledge and experience will come in handy when paving the way for future projects.

Set sticky traps

A lot of people try to make use of poisonous substances to get rid of the pests that are plaguing their homes. This is considered a last resort method that isn’t recommended for most households. As much as these pests might be causing damage, it’s not worth the risk of poisoning children or beloved pets. The poison doesn’t discriminate and it will harm anyone that it comes into contact with.

On the other hand, you still have conventional trapping methods that aren’t particularly dangerous. A non-poisonous glue trap could ensnare a bunch of rodents with relative ease. All you have to do is position it any place that you suspect they’re coming from. It can work just as well for certain kinds of insects; you just have to place a bit of bait near the trap.


Before you get to work on any renovations, you need to make sure that your home is safe from pests that might undo the improvements that you introduce. Minor pest control is mostly about using common sense, while serious infestations need to be left to professionals. As long as you take care of them, you can be sure that your renovations will go off without a hitch.

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