3 Ways to Make Sure Pests Stay Out of Your New Home

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For someone who has just purchased a home, few problems can be as frustrating as a pest infestation. Whether it’s an influx of carpenter ants, mice, or flies, pests can be a costly and difficult issue to fix. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that your home remains free of troublesome critters. Here are just a few ways to make sure that pests stay out of your new home.

1. Be Mindful of Waste

One of the best ways to prevent pest infestations is to have a proper waste disposal schedule in place. Keeping kitchens clean by making sure garbage disposals are run and trash bags are regularly discarded will ensure that animals like mice do not make a new home in your living quarters. Keeping regular garbage pick-up times each week will also prevent raccoons from turning your yard into a meal ticket. If you find mouse droppings or other signs of an infestation in areas of your home such as a garage, make sure that you remove any materials that might be edible to rodents and choose a trap that is right for you.

If your home has a lot of uncovered wood in its structure, making sure that carpenter ants or termites do not decide to invade your home is fortunately an easy step. Repellent sprays are inexpensive and a great way to make sure that bugs don’t invade your space.

2. Make Sure Pets are Cleaned

Another way to ensure that bugs and other animals don’t come into your house is by keeping your pets clean. Especially in the summer, dogs and cats love to explore the outdoors, and unfortunately that means that fleas or ticks can hitch a ride on your beloved pet. By regularly making sure your animals get washed, you’ll be investing in a pest-free home.

3. Consult Professionals

One of the best ways to ensure that the nuisance of pests doesn’t keep you up at night is to consult with professionals. Pest control companies like ICE Pest Control and Wildlife Removal can make sure that infestations are properly gotten rid of or prevented, so that you can be confident in knowing that your house is ship-shape.

For these reasons, making sure that your home is pest-free doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right steps and good advice from professionals, a new home can be free of unwanted critters. That is home owning done right!

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