5 Tips to Keep Your DIY Septic Tank Project from Becoming a Disaster

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DIY septic tank projects allow homeowners to save money and stay involved with the upkeep and maintenance of their property. With that said, the projects—like all DIY work—can easily “come off the rails” if one isn’t attentive and careful.

The following tips will help to make DIY septic tank projects as successful and straightforward as possible.

Work in Nice Weather

Septic tanks typically involve a substantial amount of digging, and it’s much, much harder to dig (both by hand and with construction equipment) when the ground is soft and wet from rain. Moreover, nobody likes being caught in the rain for hours on end!

DIY septic tank projects will greatly benefit from nice (or at least non-rainy) weather, so be sure to check the forecast far in advance of the anticipated work date. Keep in mind that this is a multi-day project, so you’ll need a few consecutive days of good weather.

Rent Construction Equipment

The aforementioned construction equipment will save a lot of time and energy. Shop around for deals beforehand, and be sure to follow all operation and safety instructions.

For most DIY septic projects, an excavator will suffice. Remember to also invest in shovels, which are useful when digging out hard-to-reach spaces and shoring already-dug holes up.

Pinpoint the Septic Tank’s Location

It’s easy to overlook the basics when planning a DIY project, and a septic tank’s location isn’t an exception. For those who don’t have access to this information (perhaps the previous homeowner didn’t possess the knowledge), it’s recommended that a metal detector be used to find the spot.

Invite Extra Hands

Hiring employees to help with a DIY septic tank project defeats the entire purpose! However, extra hands are a must. Extend an invitation to eight or so close friends or family members, and make a day (or weekend) out of the project.

Be sure to stock plenty of cold drinks and provide hearty meals. In this way, the project will feel more like work than fun.

Meet Zoning and Construction Requirements

Each area has different zoning and construction requirements. In some spots, DIY septic tank projects require approval, in the form of a permit, from officials; be sure to receive necessary permits long before it’s time to begin working. By doing so, hassle, frustration, and inconvenience will be avoided, and the project will be that much simpler and more pleasant.

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