4 Major Plumbing Issues You Need to Check for When Buying a New Home

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Moving into a new home can be an exhilarating experience. Sometimes you fall in love with the idea so much you forget to do a thorough check of the property before you buy it. This can end up in disaster as you can have many expensive repairs that you could have foreseen. When it comes to plumbing, slow down and check for these four major issues before ever putting in an offer on a home.

Water Heater Health

Buying a new water heater can be a big expense when you are first moving into a home. Do yourself a favor and check the age of the water heater in a potential home. Most water heaters have a life expectancy of between 12 and 15 years. If the water heater is close to that age, you may want to include a new water heater, like an Airtech Refrigeration system, in the deal. Be sure to check around the water heater as well for leaks at the valves.

Floor Leaks

You should be checking around the major appliances to ensure that there is no sign of floor damage. You’ll want to inspect around the dishwasher to see if you notice any signs of water damage. If there is water damage, it’s likely that the appliance is not working correctly or the connections we’re put on tight enough. Water damage in the floor can turn into a very costly repair, especially if the issue has been going on for a while.

Sink Drains

When you’re going through a new house, turn on each faucet that you come to. Look to see if the sink properly drains the water or if the water gets stuck in the sink. If the water is not draining appropriately, it can signal multiple issues. The first is that the drain may not be correctly installed at an angle. The second is that there could be stuff stuck in the drain causing the water to drain poorly.

Main Sewer Drain

This one you’re going to need to bring in a licensed plumber to inspect. They’ll utilize camera equipment to physically see what the inside of the sewer drain looks like. They’ll inspect it for cracks that could be caused by tree roots and other objects in the ground. It’s best to have a plumber do this evaluation if you’re considering purchasing an older home that is surrounded by many mature trees.

When you assess a potential home that you may buy it’s important that you look at the entire picture. While you’re first likely worried about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, you also need to be concerned with the main systems in your home. The plumbing system is one that should be evaluated with the four steps above to ensure you don’t end up with a major problem after you move into your new home.

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