5 Specific Signs You Should Replace Your Roof

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Having a solid roof over your head is one of the most important aspects of owning a house. The roof has to protect you from the elements which is why it should always be stable and well maintained. Sometimes the weather takes its toll on the roof and it breaks under pressure.

If your roof shows signs of damage, how will you know when the damage is too widespread for a simple fix? There are a couple of telltale signs you can watch out for. Here are some good examples.

Cracked shingles

Roofs are designed to keep the elements at bay, but even they can get damaged every once in a while. After a particularly windy or snowy day, you might find that one or two of your roof’s shingles have cracked. A small enough number of cracked shingles is perfectly manageable with the right tools.

After a huge storm, you could end up with several patches of cracked shingles that might be interconnected. If the cracking isn’t isolated, it might not be worth it to replace the individual shingles. Getting a brand-new set might actually be more efficient in this case.

Granules in the gutter

If you just installed a new roof and you’re finding granules all around your gutters, there’s nothing to be worried about. New roofs often have a couple of them loose before they are fully formed.

If your roof has been used for a while and it’s shedding these granules, it might be a sign of bigger problems. These granules have a specific and important purpose. They keep the sun from harming the shingles.  If they start to fall off, you could expect the shingles to follow suit pretty quickly

Sunlight pierces the attic

If you’re inspecting your home, you might run into some beams of light in your attic. This a pretty obvious sign that something is wrong with your roof. The only difference is that this kind of problem isn’t visible from the outside. Keep in mind that if light can pass through your roof, that very likely means that heat and water can do so with ease. This means you’re probably losing quite a bit of heat through the cracks in the roof. Worse yet, you’re probably getting a lot of moisture in your attic without noticing. After a while, you could get a mould build up somewhere on your walls.

Missing shingles

One of the most obvious signs of your roof faltering is going to be when it loses shingles. A cracked shingle can be repaired, but losing a shingle can be problematic. You will feel the effects of this kind of thing immediately. Cold air and rain are going to penetrate your attic instantly and you need to act fast.

Replacing any missing roof material is crucial. It’s always recommended that you get some quality roofing material from companies like Interline roofing.

The roof is old

Sometimes you don’t need a sign to know that your old roof needs replacing. The average roof should last you about twenty to twenty-five years. It can vary drastically depending on what material it was built with. Something like an asphalt roof should last you a solid twenty years without needing repairs, while slate roofing could endure almost a century of weather without a scratch.

Individual shingles can crack and fall off once in a while, but the whole base of the roof should be stable for quite a while before it needs replacing.


After a particularly heavy rain season or winter, you might be tempted to take a look at your roof for any signs of damage. A battered roof isn’t an uncommon sight after the weather takes a turn for the worse. One or two missing shingles are nothing to be worried about, but sometimes the damage goes much further than that. If it’s damaged to a certain extent, it might be better to simply replace the whole roof instead of trying to save it.

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