4 Upgrades to Make a Better Garage for Your Home

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For many homeowners, garages tend to be little more than a sort of unfinished shed attached to your home. The keep and care of your garage can affect your safety and your home value, however, and can be much more than just a storage space for your car and tools. Here are four useful upgrades that are going to improve the form and function of your garage.

Reseal or Coat the Floor

Coating a floor with two-part epoxy is a relatively simple process, and this renovation is going to have a major impact on the appearance of your garage. Epoxy is a durable resin that protects the underlying concrete and prevents unwanted chips and oil spills from your car. You can even get it in decorative colors that will vastly increase the beauty and value of your home. This material isn’t impervious to all forms of damage, but it is easily recoated and acts as a valuable protective layer over your concrete.

Add Insulation

If you plan on working in your garage, then you should spend some time insulating all of the walls. Fiberglass insulation used to be very popular among DIY enthusiasts, but many people are now choosing cellulose insulation.

Cellulose can easily be blown into existing crawlspaces and openings, and it is typically made from recycled materials. Unfortunately, blow-in cellulose insulation can only be used if you are willing to remove siding panels or bore holes in your wall. Other types of insulation require less of a renovation, and getting insulation installed will protect both you and your car from extreme temperatures.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

While you might be able to complete some of these projects on your own, installing a new garage door should always be left to the professionals. Garage door springs are under an incredible amount of tension, and a single misstep could be deadly. While you may think that a garage door doesn’t need to be pretty or function perfectly, it greatly impacts the image of your home’s exterior, impacting your home value.

As for functionality, if your garage door springs, tracks, or bolts are compromised, then you risk having an extremely heavy amount of metal fall on you or your car at the worst moment. A company like Georgia Garage Doors Inc. can usually install a new garage door in a matter of hours, and there are dozens of different styles and colors to choose from. Installing a new garage door also improves your garage’s insulation and security.

Invest in a “Smart” Garage Door Opener

Once you have a new garage door in place, you might want to control it wirelessly. Smart devices have taken the world by storm, and you can now control almost every appliances and system in your home with a mobile app.

Installing a wireless receiver next to a door motor only takes a few minutes, and you will be able to open and close the garage door from any phone or device with internet. This eliminates the problems of managing garage door remotes that can have batteries die, get lost, or fail to connect due to distance. As an added bonus, you can tell the device to send you alerts whenever anyone tries to tamper with your garage door while you are away.

Upgrading your garage doesn’t need to be a tedious, frustrating, or expensive process. There are many options available to the average homeowner to ensure that your garage is safe and functional for you and for what you store in it. With a little bit of foresight and some planning, you should be able to completely renovate your garage with little investment and fantastic results.

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