Safe Country Living: 5 Ways to Secure Your Rural Home

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There’s nothing better than the secluded nature of rural living. Many people work in the city, but they make the trip home to a more country area. They enjoy peace, tranquility, space to roam, and the wildlife that frequent these regions. However, living in the countryside does come with some risks. Here are five ways that you need to secure your home for rustic living:

Keep Fire Extinguishers on Hand

A fire extinguisher is essential in every home. However, when living in a rustic setting, they are perhaps even more crucial. In a rural community, it may take a bit more time for the fire department to reach a dwelling in flames. Having a fire extinguisher on every level ensures that most small fires can be put out quickly. They don’t cost a lot and are necessary for safe living.

Adopt a Family Dog

Dogs are wonderful companions, and they have heightened senses necessary in the rustic elements. Even a small dog can bark and alert the family when there is trouble. Whether it’s someone knocking on the door or a pest invading the space, a pup can ensure that their owners know if anything is out of the ordinary.

Install Surveillance Cameras

While moving to the country does bring isolation, it can mean a family is a target for burglars. The secluded landscape provides ample places to hide and watch a family. Burglars often prefer rural settings because there are fewer people around. Adding surveillance cameras can give another layer of protection. Not only can it see pests that are lingering about, but it can also help the police should there be an incident. Before you call a company like PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control out to help with pests, why not install cameras to surveil entry points for man and beast?

Install Motion-Sensing Lights

Motion-sensing lights are amazing in areas prone to darkness. The lack of city lights often makes country living shadowy. These lights kick on automatically anytime anyone walks past them. They are highly sensitive and can even detect the neighbor’s dog. A would-be burglar won’t like a light shining on them when they come on the property. They may think that someone has woke up and flipped the lights on. Living in a rural area requires motion lights for the home owner’s safety.

Add Fire and Burglar Alarms

Timing is everything when dealing with misfortune. If a house is on fire, then not being home can be a big issue. Having security systems that can check for burglary, as well as fires, can save a home. There are many types of systems that can protect for pennies a day.

By taking a few additional precautions, living in a rural setting can be a retreat from the cares of life. More people are leaving the populated areas in search of seclusion, but there are some things to consider when moving to a rural spot.

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