5 Things to Consider When Building Your Dream Home

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Building your dream home can be a fun dream to have. When it comes to planning your own home, there is a lot of good knowledge to be gained from those who have done it before; and those who do it for a living. Here are five things to think about when starting your own dream home project.


Zoning can be different in one town versus another, and it pays to do your research when you are in the design phase. In some areas, you can only build a home that is one-storey or two-storeys. In others, you may be required to have a certain distance from the boundary or a feature like a stream or wetland. The best time to learn these requirements is before you’ve paid for a design plan so that they can be considered.

Green Potential

Whether or not you’re a believer in climate change, the cost benefits of a green home that costs less to heat and power are reason enough to take a look. Solar and geothermal options may be optimal in your area, gray water recycling can reduce your water and sewer bill, and good insulation with Southern window exposure can cut costs on winter heat bills.

Standard Floorplans

While custom homes can be great for wow factors, there are things that are expected in many homes to have them run most efficiently. The kitchen work triangle, for example, puts the three main features- sink, stove, and fridge- in a triangle to create an ergonomic workspace. Even if you don’t want a standard plan, there is a lot of wisdom to be found in their layouts.

What’s Outside

If you’ve bought your lot for a certain view, convey this to the architect early on. This allows them to create a space designed to honor the thing that you love most about the land. Whether this means waking up to views of the mountains or dining on a patio to the sound of a forest stream, it can definitely be planned for if you communicate early.

Standard Plans with a Twist

There is a lot of economic benefit to using a company with a set of standard home plans. The turnaround time and cost are often less than starting from scratch with an architect. If you like things to be one of a kind, there are often customization choices that can be found with this type of home design. This lets you make it your own and still stay in a budget.

If you’re about to start building your dream home, congratulations. For those still in the dream phase, doing your research about the steps involved and your best option for each is a great way to make things easier when it comes time for your own project.

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