Rain Drops Falling on Your Head? How to Handle a Leaky Roof

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A leaking roof can cause a significant amount of damage to your home if you don’t take immediate action. You have options when it comes to getting that leak under control. Here are some of the ways that you can keep your roof from leaking into your home.

Investigate the Cause

Depending on the type of roof that you have, it can be caused by a variety of things. A flat roof may require some extra drainage so that the water doesn’t get a chance to pool together and seep into your home. In wetter areas of the country, moss buildup could be a problem. The moss can actually grow underneath the shingles and cause them to lift up, letting water seep into the underlayment. Each cause will come with its own solution in order to correct the problem.

Patch the Area

A certain area of your shingles may get more wear and tear than other areas of your roof. This could be because of a tree that’s hanging over your house or because of the slope of your roof. One solution is to patch or replace the area of the affected shingles. This method will likely give you a few more years before you have to do a full roof replacement. Another problem could be that a section was damaged due to a storm and it just needs a little bit of repair work done, all of which should be handled by a professional roof company that can properly diagnose and repair your roof safely.

Use Roofing Tar

Never underestimate the power of roofing tar. This sticky compound can seal up some leaks that could be caused by roofing nails or corroded flashing. The caution with this method is that the size of the hole will make a big difference. It’s designed for holes that are smaller than the size of a nail head. Keep this in mind when you’re investigating the source of the leak and speak to a professional roofer if you have concerns on whether the roofing tar will work well with your roof type and hole size.

Replace Your Roof

The ultimate solution to repairing a leaky roof is to have a new roof installed. This will provide you with the greatest amount of protection for many years. Look into using a roof company to help you get this task completed. They have the expertise to get the job done and it will ensure that the warranty on the roofing materials are valid. Take the opportunity to discuss ways to make your new roof (or even your old one) more resilient to the weather and how to prevent future leaking and damage. Also, make sure that you have the structure under the leak investigated for water damage and mold growth before having your roof replaced.

There are numerous options that are available if you notice a roof leak. Use these tips so that your home is protected. For any further concerns regarding the extent of the damage or how to prevent leaks, speak to a professional roofing company.

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