The Ultimate Revelation of Concrete Sawing

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concrete sawing

Concrete sawing is an integral part of construction activities, and yet it is a relatively unexplored niche. It involves using highly specialized equipment called concrete saw which has diamond impregnated blades to drill, saw and remove concrete. The shapes usually cut out using this method are rectangular or square.

Concrete sawing is an operation which requires considerable skill and trained operators in older days, jackhammers were used which made a lot of sounds and left a mess, but sharp concrete cutters do no such thing and use water to clean up the dust as soon as they cut the concrete. Some of the different kinds of concrete sawing are wall sawing and flat sawing.

Various Uses – Concrete sawing is useful in several kinds of projects such as dams, nuclear power plants, piers, wharves, parking garages, highways, and bridges. On a smaller scale, concrete sawing is used for making or enlarging doors and windows and cutting out trenches for plumbing, electrical connections, drains and other utilities.

Some tips for concrete sawing so you can do the work quickly and efficiently.

Important Tips to Follow While Cutting Concrete –

  • Use Proper Saw for The Job- Choosing the proper saw which is suited to what kind of cutting you are going to do is vital for success. The different types of saws are-
  • Wet Saws– These saws use a constant spray of water which dampens the formation of dust and lets you see what you are cutting easily.
  • Diamond blades and bits– These kinds of saws are great for high precision work and can even be used in artwork. They make beautiful and smooth cuts in the concrete.
  • Walk-behind Saws- These saws are useful for removing entire walls or slabs quickly and efficiently.
  • Cutting edge saws which are handheld– These kinds of saws are helpful for cutting out tough corners and entrenched rebar.

Keep the Blades Sharp

  • This is a crucial thing to keep in mind while cutting concrete. A dull blade can damage the entire equipment or cause fractures in the concrete.
  • It also produces more dust and generates heat to be produced which damages the saw and shortens its lifespan considerably.
  • If you want clean cuts in a single stroke, then you should change out your blades as soon as you see minor wear and tear on them.
  • Get heavy duty blades if you have to do a lot of cutting all at once so that you won’t have to stop and replace them every time they get worn.

Keep A Stock of Many Blades – Different kinds of blades perform different functions. A diamond coated blade is excellent for reinforced concrete, but a wet blade is better when you have to deal with work that produces a lot of dust. You should have a variety of blades in your toolbox to avoid having to go to the hardware store for frequent changes. Also having a big stock will enable you to save time from store trips if they get damaged.

Know How to Deal with Buried Materials- If you don’t know where the buried materials- such as pipes, rebar, and wiring are located in the concrete, you should only cut vertically at a height above that of any possible buried material. If this doesn’t suit you, then use a tool that you are sure can cut through all these materials easily.

Use Wet Saws to Clean Dust- Using wet saws dramatically reduces the amount of dust flying around and coating everything in the house. You can use them outdoors too but be sure you know where the electrical wiring is or there might be unpleasant consequences. A significant advantage of these saws is that they reduce the number of respirator refills needed by you thus safeguarding your health properly.

Concrete sawing- can be a very profitable business and is a less explored niche, like most things in life, being armed with proper knowledge will let you make a lot of money doing this work.

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